3 must-see Temples in Chiang Mai, Thailand JetSettingFools.com

3 must-see temples in Chiang Mai Old City

Chiang Mai, Thailand is a sprawling city that was first established in the late 13th century. The historic Old City was once a walled city with gates and a moat for protection. Designed as a square, the layout features a grid of roads and numerous sois (alleys) connecting them.… Read the rest

Dublin, Ireland Self-Guided Walking Tour JetSettingFools.com

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour

When I think about things to do in Dublin, the first thing that comes to mind is pubs. We could have easily spent our three days in Dublin doing nothing more than downing pints of Guinness goodness (it really tastes better in Dublin, Ireland).… Read the rest

Best Craft Brews of our Journey: Little Creatures Pale Ale, Fremantle, Australia

Best Craft Brews of our RTW Journey

Naturally, we are often asked what our ‘favorites’ were during our travels around the globe. Those are always tough questions, but to share some of our best memories, we are starting a new series of posts called Best Of Our Journey.Read the rest

What I packed to travel the world

One year, One backpack: What I packed to travel the world

On the day that we left for our ‘Round the World trip, I was less than confident about what was packed to travel the world. I had researched, made a concise list and had been collecting items for almost six months, but I waited until three days before leaving to actually put it all together inside my bag.… Read the rest

Post-RTW: Back to the (un)familiar

Our arrival back into the United States after our year-long journey around the world was a bit of a bumpy ride. Once we got out of the Philadelphia airport, we anticipated things getting a little easier. Although we relish in the foreignness of each place we have visited over the past year, in our post-RTW (‘Round the World) travel, we were actually looking forward to the simplicity of the familiar.… Read the rest

Cost of traveling the world: What we spent on a year of travel

Cost of traveling the world: What we spent on a year of travel

We consider ourselves to be Budget Travelers, but ‘budget’ is an ambiguous word. We know of other travelers who spend less than us and many who track their dollars, but spend a lot more. We set our budget at $100 per day for basic living expenses: accommodations, food, drinks, local transportation, entertainment and miscellaneous fees.… Read the rest

Fizzle, Sizzle, Bust: A lackluster welcome back from our RTW trip

Fizzle, Sizzle, Bust: A lackluster welcome back from our RTW trip

Instead of the momentous celebration we had anticipated when we got back to the United States, it was more like fizzle, sizzle, bust. After journeying around the world for 386 days, we got a lackluster welcome back from our RTW trip.… Read the rest

Year-long, Round the World Budget: In Mostar, we ate out more often, as our accommodations and food were so inexpensive!

Round the World Budget: Daily cost for a year of travel

After 386 days of traveling around the world, we’re closing the books on this adventure. During our one year and three week journey, we budgeted $100 (on average) per day and kept track of every cent spent. We’ve tallied the cost of every bed we slept in, every meal we ate, every glass of wine we consumed, every bus we took and every admission fee we paid – and {dramatic pause} we came in well under budget, averaging just $89 a day!… Read the rest