Cape Town Festival of Beer JetSetting Fools

Cape Town Festival of Beer

I love festivals, but I rate beer festivals as being supreme. When we learned that the Cape Town Festival of Beer was happening at the same time we were visiting, there was no way we were going to miss it. The event, held at Cape Town’s Hamilton Rugby Club on Green Point, spanned three days, but we blocked just two days for the event – one for the festival and one for recovery.

Since we’re at an age when hanging with the youngsters at a beer event is likely to cause severe liver injury and/or irritation, we chose to go to the Cape Town Festival of Beer on Sunday in hopes of fewer crowds and chill vibes. Beer was flowing from 10am until 7pm and we heeded the advice of the promoters and arrived early, getting there at 11am. read more

Penguins at Boulders Beach Simon's Town South Africa JetSetting Fools

African Penguins at Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town

Warm weather and sandy beaches don’t exactly conjure up images of penguins, yet there are more than 2,000 endangered African Penguins at Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town, just south of Cape Town. We planned a day trip from the city that would take us, by train, to the sandy home of the penguins at Boulders Beach. 

Penguins at Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town: Getting there by train from Cape Town

Metrorail’s Southern Line conveniently extends the 25 miles from downtown Cape Town to Simon’s Town, following the eastern coastline from Muizenberg to the end of the line. The railway is unbelievably inexpensive (about $1.50 USD), but sometimes unreliable, as we quickly learned when our train broke down after traveling only six stops. We waited 45 minutes on the platform until the next train came by, collected us and we continued on our journey. From Muizenberg to Simon’s Town, the tracks are practically on the beach. We were blasted with cool ocean air as we hung our heads out the windows and gazed at the scenery. read more

Visiting Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden Cape Town South Africa JetSeting Fools

Visiting Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden: A photo essay

The list of things to do and see in Cape Town is quite extensive and covers a massive area, from the V&A Waterfront and CBD in the north to the Cape of Good Hope in the south. In between is the famous Table Mountain, historic wineries, beautiful beaches and bays and visiting Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. With our short time, closely watched budget and limited public transportation options we’ve had to pick and choose which sights to see.

Initially, we were going to skip visiting Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden for the simple reason that we weren’t finding public transportation options. The City Sightseeing blue line bus route that we took to the Cape Town wineries makes a stop at the botanical gardens. From the bus we got our first glimpse of the expansive park grounds covering 1300 acres on the eastern side of Table Mountain. But with wine tastings to be had, we passed on ‘hopping off’ at the gardens, slightly disappointed that we would miss seeing them. read more

Views from Cape Town's Table Mountain South Africa JetSetting Fools

Views from Cape Town’s Table Mountain: A Photo Essay

Cape Town’s Table Mountain sits majestically in the background to be marveled at in its enormity on clear days and in wonder on overcast days when the South Easter winds create the ‘tablecloth,’ shrouding the plateaued top in clouds.

Table Mountain, the iconic centerpiece to Cape Town,  was recently named one of the ‘New 7 Wonders of Nature.’ Table Mountain is part of the larger Table Mountain National Park and mountain range that extends to southern end of the cape. It’s also included as part of the a World Heritage Site, Cape Floral Region. The top of the mountain can be accessed by a strenuous hike or by a swift cable car; either way up, the views of the city and sea are phenomenal.  read more

Cape Town Self-Guided Walking Tour South Africa

Cape Town self-guided walking tour

Cape Town has a bright and colorful city center. The city has beautiful architecture, nearby nature and a lively entertainent district on the water. we opted for a Cape Town self-guided walking tour of the city center so that we could move on our own two feet and get a real feel for the city.  (Map below.)

Cape Town Self-Guided Walking Tour

Flower Market

Our route started at the Adderly bus stop, heading south past the multiple-level shopping malls to the flower market. Set up in a dimly lit alley, a few unique blossoms caught my eye and the sellers offered – more than once – to create a bouquet especially for me. read more

Visit 3 Cape Town Wineries Without A Car

Visit 3 Cape Town wineries without a car (while on a budget)

It’s no secret we like our wine, but we are far from connoisseurs. Still, a trip to Cape Town wouldn’t be complete without visiting a few of the wineries that are practically within the city limits. Since we don’t drive, we needed to find a way to visit Cape Town wineries without a car. Relying on public transportation to get us there was proving to be an issue. My diligent research yielded zero results for a bus route leading directly to a winery (or better yet, wineries).

The commuter train stops in the popular wine regions of Stellenbosch and Paarl, but I couldn’t get any sense of whether the wineries were actually walkable from the station and an expensive taxi or the Vine Hopper bus would have wrecked our budget. I did find numerous options for wine tasting tours, complete with gourmet picnic lunches and a variety of other bells and whistles, but they were also well beyond what we were willing to pay. read more

5 Things To Do in Hout Bay, South Africa JetSetting Fools

5 things to do in Hout Bay

Hout Bay, a surburb south of Cape Town, feels more like a community than a tourist destination. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do in Hout Bay. We picked a sunny Saturday afternoon, when locals were also out, to experience it.

Things to do in Hout Bay: Beach

The gale force winds had died down to a gentle breeze, allowing for a leisurely stroll on the beach. Families camped out in the sand, while brave kids stripped down to their underoos and jumped in the frigid waves. Fishing and sail boats were coming and going from the marina, as were the tourists. read more

Cape Town Beaches Hout Bay and Camps Bay South Africa JetSetting Fools

2 Cape Town Beaches: Hout Bay and Camps Bay

As the plane took off from Mauritius I lamented the fact that we were leaving island paradise behind. We’d become quite accustomed to daily beach walks, afternoon dips and sunset gazing over the ocean. But, it wouldn’t be a trip around the world if we stayed in one place, so off to the city and mountains of Cape Town, South Africa we flew. As we made our way from the airport to Hout Bay, I got my first glimpse at the stunning Cape Town beaches along the dramatic western coastline. I was astonished by the high cliffs, extensive stretches of white sand and water such an intense blue it didn’t look real. read more