3-Day Berlin Itinerary by JetSettingFools.com

3-Day Berlin Itinerary

Berlin. Just the mention of the name conjures images of division and unity, war and peace, angst and optimism. While visiting the city, the horrific history is palpable, yet the mood is brightened by the vibrant and expressive side of Berlin. The sprawling center is teeming with sights: museums, memorials and parks. We understand how overwhelming planning a trip to Berlin can be – so we’re helping by sharing a condensed version of our Berlin Sightseeing Guide: A 3-Day Berlin Itinerary. It is ideal for first-timers to Berlin who want to see as much of the city as possible – even on limited time. The condensed version includes all the sights of our 3-Day Berlin Itinerary – and we’ve even provided a link to more information for each sight and a link to Google Maps for each day of sightseeing. read more

The 6 Best Things to Eat in Reykjavik, Iceland JetSettingFools.com

The 6 best things to eat in Reykjavik, Iceland (and what it cost!)

Hot dogs, fish, soup, yogurt, tomatoes and orange soda. It doesn’t sound like much, but these are the six best things to eat in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Due to the isolation and harsh winters of an island nation, the national cuisine in Iceland ranges from fairly basic and expected to creative and downright strange. The remoteness also makes it outrageously expensive. We attempted to keep our budget in check and still get a taste of Iceland cuisine and we think we succeeded in finding six of the best things to eat in Reykjavik, Iceland. read more

Dutch Cuisine - Kaas Cheese

Dutch Cuisine: 17 things to eat in the Netherlands

The Dutch word ‘lekker’ doesn’t have a direct English translation, but is closest to ‘yummy.’ After sampling a variety of Dutch cuisine, we can attest to it being quite lekker, actually.

Before arriving in the Netherlands, the only thing we knew about local Dutch cuisine was cheese and Dutch apple pie. While the idea of gorging on nothing but cheese and pie sounded appealing, we’ve (thankfully) been introduced to a variety of Netherlands fare. Our wintertime visit has been accompanied by hearty dishes, sweet treats, holiday specialties…and lots of cheese. read more

Sarajevo Cuisine A Guide To Eating in Sarajevo JetSettingFools.com

Sarajevo cuisine: What to eat in Sarajevo

Just like the city itself, Sarajevo cuisine is a blend of east and west, with both Turkish and European influences. Of the many reasons we were looking forward to visiting the city, sampling the local fare was high on the list.

On our previous travels to the Balkans, we quickly took a liking to two of the most popular regional dishes, cevapi and burek. Not only are these two meat dishes hearty and satisfying, they are also incredibly inexpensive. During our 10 days in the city, we feasted on Sarajevo cuisine. In addition to the two mainstays, we also branched out to try other gastronomy, sipped on plenty of Bosnian kafa, indulged in a few desserts and sampled the local beer and traditional spirits. read more

Queen Victoria Market: The night market is a feast for foodies, offering a variety of cuisine

Queen Victoria Market – Day, Night and Weekend

The buzzing halls of the Queen Victoria Market have all the ingredients – meat, fish, produce, prepared food, clothing and gadgets – of a thriving metropolitan market. But, while some markets like these become geared toward tourists, there is no doubt that this is where urban locals do their shopping, too.

The Queen Victoria Market has indoor and outdoor booths taking up more than two city blocks and we covered every aisle. Kris, who normally isn’t nearly as enamored with markets as I am, was quite entertained at the Queen Victoria Market. So much so that we made multiple visits in order to partake of the market’s special events, so in addition to visiting the regular market during the day, we also went to the Winter Night Market and Euro Union Sunday Market. read more

We saw pumpkin dishes on nearly ever restaurant menu in Australia and, at first, didn't understand the pumpkin craze.

Pumpkin Soup in Australia: It’s what’s for dinner

Pumpkin is something I associate with Halloween, but in Australia, it’s what they make for dinner. Some variation of pumpkin, often a pumpkin soup, can be found on just about every restaurant menu in Melbourne. We are always eager to try local dishes, but we were hesitant to indulge in the pumpkin craze.

Our first taste of pumpkin in Australia was during our all-you-can-eat experience at the Dumpling House, where we tried pumpkin dumplings and pumpkin cake – and we started to understand the enthusiasm for it. But, when a neighbor invited us to tea (that’s dinner in Australia) and a subsequent lunch, our taste buds for pumpkin were awakened. read more

Best Local Cuisine: Chivito

Best Local Cuisine of our RTW Journey

Naturally, we are often asked what our ‘favorites’ were during our travels around the globe. Those are always tough questions, but to share some of our best memories, we are starting a new series of posts called Best Of Our Journey. In each post, we will discuss the Best Of a specific category. If you’ve been wondering what our Best or Favorite {fill in the blank} was, leave a comment and we’ll compose a post for it!

During our travels, partaking in the local cuisine provided some of our most interesting experiences. Learning the flavors and methods of cooking in each region usually came with a bit of history about the people and place we were in. As budget travelers, when dining out, we made a conscience effort to spend our dollars on the local specialties and we were seldom disappointed. read more

Ljubljana Food Festivals serve up some great fare, like the Holesterol burger at the Pivo & Burger Fest

Ljubljana Food Festivals

We’ve said it before: We love festivals. If they involve food and beer, all the better. By chance, we’ve had the fortune of being able to partake in local events on numerous occasions during our journey, like the Cape Town Beer Fest and the Kotor Karneval. Our springtime visit to Slovenia coincided with two Ljubljana food festivals that were right up our alley: Open Kitchen and Beer & Burger.

Ljubljana Food Festivals: Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna)

This brilliant festival takes place every Friday in Pogacarjev Square from March until October. Chefs from local restaurants set up in booths to cook a variety of cuisine from classic to creative. The options seemed endless with traditional fare, Thai, Mexican, Argentinian, burgers and desserts on offer (just to name a few). The festival is free and each booth sets their own menu and cash-only price structure, ranging from about €2-7. read more

Our week in Mostar: The Old Bridge at night

Why we loved spending a week in Mostar

Throughout our journey, there have been certain places that have captivated us – Mostar is one of them. In so many ways it resembles the other fairytale European cities we’ve visited, with the quaint historic center so appealing draped across the Old Bridge and down both sides of the Neretva River. But with the recent war and differing religions, it felt oddly foreign for Europe. As our mini-van bus rolled out toward Split, Croatia, we reflected on our week in Mostar and were glad we spent more than the average half day most tourists give the city. read more

Eating in Lecce, Italy: Traditional to Fast Food

It took us some time to understand the typical hours of eating in Lecce, Italy and, while our first impressions of typical Lecce cuisine still stand, once we really got it figured out we were introduced to an abundance of dining options. When our friends arrived, visiting from the United States, we were ready to take on the local food scene and adapted to eating much later in the night than we are accustomed to. We found lively cafes and restaurants we never knew existed; we had passed by several times, but only during the day when they were concealed behind shuttered doors and gates. read more