Lake Bohinj, Slovenia 3-day Itinerary JetSetting Fools

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia 3-Day Itinerary

Fresh air. Clear water. Green forests. Towering mountains. Wide pastures. Deep gorges. Flourishing nature. Lake Bohinj is uncomplicated and raw; she’s the girl next door that doesn’t have to dress up or put on make up in order to attract attention. Lake Bohinj is a postcard-picture scene, naturally designed in hues of unbelievable blues and shades of intense green. Cradled in the Julian Alps, the glacial lake is watched over by the mountain peaks that rise around it and is protected within the boundaries of Triglav National Park. read more

Hiking Trails Near Lake Bohinj, Slovenia by JetSetting Fools

Hiking trails near Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

As the bus pulled away from the Lake Bled station in the direction of Lake Bohinj, Slovenia, there were more empty seats than those occupied. Of our fellow passengers, a few carried backpacks and tents, some were donning only swimsuits, others were geared to hike. During the 40-minute ride, as we followed the curving Sava Bohinjsk River, we overheard fellow passengers conversing. It seemed everyone was in agreement: for anyone looking to flee the crowds of Lake Bled and completely step into nature, Lake Bohinj is the place to go. Our anticipation was mounting. Not only did we want to breathe the fresh mountain air and swim in the clear cool water, we were also eager to set out on the hiking trails near Lake Bohinj. read more

Hiking and Biking Trails in Rovinj, Croatia

Hiking and Biking Trails in Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj was an island until 1763 when the channel was filled in, connecting the city to the mainland. As an island, it was heavily fortified with two stone walls surrounding it – keeping attackers and illness (like the plague) out, which made it quite a desirable place to live. The limited space resulted in narrow streets and stacked housing, but not a lot of green space. However, nature isn’t far and there are ample hiking and biking trails in Rovinj, Croatia. To the south is the Golden Cape Forest Park and to the north is the rural countryside filled with vineyards and olive groves. Both are well connected with paths. We set out on foot to the south and rented bikes to explore the area to the north. read more

Hiking Mount Srd provides ever changing views of the city and sea below

Hiking Mount Srd in Dubrovnik: From the top down

Hiking Mount Srd in Dubrovnik is continued from Dubrovnik Cable Car to Mount Srd

After spending two hours on top of Mount Srd exploring the area and taking in the 360 degree views over Croatia’s coastline and the hills of Bosnia-Hercegovina and Montenegro, we searched for the trailhead that would lead down the hill to Dubrovnik. Since we only opted for a one-way ticket on the Dubrovnik Cable Car, we would be hiking Mount Srd down to the old town. The lengthy switchbacks stretched out below us and eventually disappeared into a forest of pines, with a field of orange rooftops appearing below the trees. We set out on the loose dirt and gravel path, having no idea how long the hike down Mount Srd might take us and woefully watched a cable car make the three minute descent. read more

Red and Blue Arrow trails in Cairns Australia JetSetting Fools

Red and Blue Arrow Trails in Cairns

After our fun-time, budget-breaking friend Vinny left us for the Outback, Kris and I spent the better part of three days holed up in our studio apartment staring into our devices (It’s not all beaches and rainbows!). We need time to get caught up on the blog and social media and finally got down to the business of doing some serious research on Southeast Asia.

Needing fresh air and a place to stretch, we headed to Mount Whitfield near the Cairns Botanic Gardens to tackle the Red and Blue Arrow trails in Cairns. The interlinking circuits make the roundtrip about 7 km, with much of it an uphill battle, climbing 325 meters in altitude. read more

Parque Municipal Llao Llao Bariloche Argentina

A walk in the park: Parque Municipal Llao-Llao in Bariloche

The well-maintained paths at the Parque Municipal Llao-Llao in Bariloche, Argentina lead to incredible vistas set within their natural landscapes. The park is about an hour away from town (by an inexpensive bus ticket of about $1) and entrance to the park is free to visitors.

On the last forecasted sunny day of our stay in Bariloche, we wanted to be on the trails at Parque Municipal Llao-Llao. With only a map from the Bariloche TI office, which provided a rough outline of the three main trails, and a few vague tips from our internet research (with hints like, “look for the ‘Green Jesus’ as the trailhead marker”) we determined our route and set off for a full day of exploration.   read more