A Guide to VIsiting Prizren, Kosovo

A Guide to Visiting Prizren, Kosovo

If Prishtina is the modern face of Kosovo, Prizren is a glimpse into the past. The preserved city center is made up of cobblestone streets, ancient mosques, centuries old churches and numerous bridges that for ages have straddled the Prizren Bistrica River. Overhead, a medieval fortress looms on the hilltop, keeping an eye on the city below.

While Prizren’s old historic center is easily navigated, there is limited (and sometimes confusing and/or conflicting) information provided for tourists. To assist fellow travelers visiting Prizren, we’ve detailed a self-guided walking tour (with map and turn-by-turn directions!) and have also included recommendations for food and drink and accommodations.  read more

Nijmegen, Netherlands Old City Young Vibe JetSettingFools.com

Nijmegen, Netherlands: Old City, Young Vibe

Nijmegen, Netherlands. We wouldn’t be surprised if you had never heard of this city; we certainly hadn’t before agreeing to housesit in the nearby village of Beek for two months. Since then, however, our knowledge of the city has increased exponentially. Most importantly, we can now locate it on a map – which was a necessary first step! We’ve also learned a bit of the city’s history and have gotten a feel for the youthful and vibrant atmosphere.

Nijmegen, Netherlands: Location

Nijmegen, Netherlands is located less than 10 km from the German border on the bank of the River Waal (which is fed by the Rhine River). The city is a pleasantly stunning sight on the approach by train from Amsterdam. Slender brick homes with long windows capped with slanted, black-tile rooftops face the river. The majestic St. Stephens Church, built in the 13th century, appears to hover above all the other buildings in town, its ornate bell tower dominating the skyline. read more

Truffle Hunting: An Istrian Day Trip, Part 1

Truffle Hunting: An Istrian Day Trip, Part 1

This four-part series details the four stops on our Istrian day trip. Our adventure through Istria included Truffle hunting and sampling, Istrian Brandy processing and sipping, Visiting Motovun, a hilltop town, and visiting Porec, a seaside town. It was a day full of new tastes, sights and experiences. 

I’m ruined for life. After just one bite of scrambled eggs with black truffles, I doubt I will ever again eat a better egg dish. I would love to start every day with a plate of the pungent, fungi goodness and was overjoyed that it was how we started our Istrian day trip. read more

The Melbourne skyline as seen from Williamstown, Australia

Williamstown, Australia: A last minute day trip

We took the train into the Melbourne CBD with a specific plan in mind – one that did not include a day trip to Williamstown, Australia. Our afternoon itinerary included a visit to Parliament to watch the action from the public gallery followed by a late picnic lunch in Carlton Gardens. (*No one here understands our fascination with local politics, but the lively shouting in such a dignified environment captivates us!) But, when we arrived at the Parliament door, we were informed that the session had been postponed and we – along with about 20 other people – were turned away. read more

Shrine of Remembrance

Shrine of Remembrance – Melbourne

The Shrine of Remembrance, a war memorial dedicated to the men and women from Victoria, Australia who served in World War I, is on nearly every list of ‘Things To Do in Melbourne.’ For non-Australian and (self-proclaimed) non-museum people, it didn’t make our list of Things To Do until our history-loving friend, Vinny, came to Melbourne for a visit. We scheduled just enough time for the free guided tour – and completely underestimated the sight. In reality, the Shrine of Remembrance deserves a full afternoon to appreciate the symbolic architecture and browse the museum full of artifacts covering Australia’s military involvement since pre-Federation times. read more

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

Our pre-Australia research was practically nil, which left our investigation of things to do and see for when we arrived. I did retain, however, one scrap of information from an email my aunt had sent me about visiting the Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes. The details were fuzzy, but I had a mental image in my head of the string of brightly painted beach boxes and put seeing them on our list of Things To Do while in Melbourne. A quick internet search provided the specifics we needed and we planned to make a short day trip out of it while we were staying in Seaford. read more

Diocletian’s Palace sights: the palace basement

Diocletian’s Palace Sights: 3 things to see

We started our exploration of Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia by wandering around the many exposed ruins, through ancient courtyards and past historic structures. For a more in-depth understanding of the Diocletian’s Palace sights, we used the SplitCard (70 kuna) to gain limited entry at the cathedral, a discount into the basement cellars and access to the Ethnographic Museum.

Diocletian’s Palace Sights: Cathedral of St. Dominus

For us, the most prominent of the Diocletian’s Palace sights is the Cathedral of St. Dominus. Originally built as Diocletian’s mausoleum, it sits in the center of the Palace on the main square, Peristil. It was converted to a church after the fall of Rome and the bell tower was added in the 13th century (and took 300 years to build). We got our first peek inside the church at Sunday Mass, which was one of the more beautiful masses we’ve attended. We stood in the back (arriving just as mass is starting isn’t advised if you want a seat in the tiny interior) and took in the magnificent scene and incredible choir. read more

Our week in Mostar: The Old Bridge at night

Why we loved spending a week in Mostar

Throughout our journey, there have been certain places that have captivated us – Mostar is one of them. In so many ways it resembles the other fairytale European cities we’ve visited, with the quaint historic center so appealing draped across the Old Bridge and down both sides of the Neretva River. But with the recent war and differing religions, it felt oddly foreign for Europe. As our mini-van bus rolled out toward Split, Croatia, we reflected on our week in Mostar and were glad we spent more than the average half day most tourists give the city. read more

Historic Kotor: Town clock, Pillory and square IMG_3960 (1024x663)

Historic Kotor, Montenegro

Traveling to Kotor can seem a bit like traveling back in time. Within historic Kotor, which is surrounded by thick protective walls from the harbor to the hills, the maze of nameless streets lead to openings that are not true squares, but irregular in shape. Stone buildings and orange tile rooftops have centuries of moss growing on them.

The church bells keep the time, clanging every hour from 6:00am until 10 at night and more robustly at 7:00am, noon and 7:00pm. The historic look of the town is preserved and void of anything flashy or modern, yet looking closely we can see the wires and boxed air conditioners that indicate the town isn’t lacking in modern conveniences. read more

10 Churches in Kotor, Montenegro JetSettingFools.com

10 Churches in Kotor, Montenegro

One of the things I love best about traveling is learning the history of the place and the people and so often that means learning about their religion as well. Due to its designation as an UNESCO site, Kotor’s historic appeal of cobblestone streets, stone houses with green shutters and orange tiled roofs have been preserved and enable us to imagine the people that inhabited the area over the many centuries. As a result there are a hefty number of well-maintained Orthodox and Catholic churches in Kotor. read more