Lake Bohinj, Slovenia 3-day Itinerary JetSetting Fools

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia 3-Day Itinerary

Fresh air. Clear water. Green forests. Towering mountains. Wide pastures. Deep gorges. Flourishing nature. Lake Bohinj is uncomplicated and raw; she’s the girl next door that doesn’t have to dress up or put on make up in order to attract attention. Lake Bohinj is a postcard-picture scene, naturally designed in hues of unbelievable blues and shades of intense green. Cradled in the Julian Alps, the glacial lake is watched over by the mountain peaks that rise around it and is protected within the boundaries of Triglav National Park. read more

Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia in Autumn a Photo Essay

Visit Plitvice Lakes in Autumn: A Photo Essay

Besides the dramatic coastline, Plitvice Lakes is Croatia’s most well-known natural wonder. The chain of 16 lakes filled with vivid blue water are linked by a series of waterfalls. Streaming, thundering, tumbling and babbling, the flowing water has carved a deep canyon into the limestone rocks. But, what makes Plitvice Lakes extraordinary are the tufa barriers over which the water spills from one lake into the next. The naturally occurring phenomena, in which calcium carbonate is the culprit in a complicated formula {Ca (HCO3)2+water dispersion → CO2+H2O+CaCO3↓ (tufa)}, has been at work for 7,000 years, resulting in mounds of mineral deposits covered in algae and other plant life. In scientific terms, it’s complex, if not a bit drab; to the casual observer, it is quite simply breathtaking to visit Plitvice Lakes. read more

Visiting Vintgar Gorge with summer crowds near Lake Bled, Slovenia JetSetting Fools

Visiting Vintgar Gorge near Lake Bled, Slovenia

When we planned a day trip to visit Vintgar Gorge near Lake Bled, Slovenia, we anticipated a relaxing day spent by the water. How could walking along a wooden planked boardwalk through a naturally carved gorge filled with rushing translucent water not be peaceful? In two words: tourist crowds.

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When we decided to travel through Europe in the summer, we knew we would encounter an influx of summer visitors. However, it didn’t feel crowded on our one day in Munich, Germany. And Lake Bohinj, Slovenia wasn’t swarming with tourists, either. But as our bus approached Lake Bled, traffic crawled to a halt. The tourists weren’t coming; they were already there. read more

Lake Bohinj Pictures: A Slovenia Photo Essay

We departed the bus at the Ribcev Laz bus stop near the southeast corner of Lake Bohinj, Slovenia where the Sava Bohinjska River begins, flowing east from the lake. We had been following the curves of the river since we departed Lake Bled, watching through the window as the limpid water streamed in the direction opposite of us. As we hauled our backpacks out from the belly of the bus, the driver pointed us north in the direction of Stara Fuzina, the village where we were staying.

Even from the side of the main road, we sensed a calmness in the atmosphere. No one hurried; not the people or the cars or the bus. The early evening sky was still light, but the air was already turning cool. Unrushed, we walked 50 meters to the one-lane, stone-arched bridge. Standing along the side, we took in our first view of Lake Bohinj. Just like a painting – or the hundreds of Lake Bohinj pictures we had seen – the scene in front of us almost didn’t look real. read more

3 Hikes Near Florence, Oregon Oregon Coast Trail Marker JetSetting Fools

3 easy hikes near Florence, Oregon

The coastal town of Florence, Oregon, population 8,500, is situated in the central portion of the state where the Siuslaw River flows into the Pacific Ocean. In the charming Old Town district, Bay Street runs parallel to the river where locally-owned restaurants and shops are housed in historic buildings. In the summertime, brilliant flowers rise beside the sidewalks and overflow from pots hanging from street lamps. Strolling the street with an ice cream in hand from the bridge down to the wooden docks is an ideal way to soak in the atmosphere. read more

Red flower on the beach on Playa Zancudo, Costa Rica

Immersed in Nature in Costa Rica

I was inside the house working on my computer, two fans noisily spinning the hot, humid air – one pointed on me, one on the computer, neither doing much to cool the temperature. Kris suddenly appeared at the screened window. In a low voice, he hissed, “Come out here. Now!” In a fluid motion, I was out of my chair as I swiped my camera from the tabletop and started moving toward the door. I had no clue what it was I was racing toward, but I had learned early on that the nature in Costa Rica was almost always photo worthy. read more

Beek-Ubbergen Netherlands Nature Sunrise JetSetting Fools

Beek-Ubbergen, Netherlands: Naturally Beautiful

When we agreed to housesit in the village of Beek-Ubbergen in the Netherlands, we expected small town charm – and we got it. Beek is a one grocer, one post office, one church, one pub, two baker kind of town.

The Village of Beek-Ubbergen

The village is home to 3,400 residents who all know each other and live on quiet streets in red brick homes with smoke puffing out the chimneys. What we didn’t expect – but were pleased to find – is the abundant nature that surrounds the village.

Beek-Ubbergen is less than 10km east of Nijmegen, a city with a population of 160,000; yet it has a distinctly different vibe and doesn’t necessarily feel like a suburb. The village is tucked between Duivelsberg (Devil’s Mountain) and the Meertje River- and is practically on the German-Dutch border. read more

Hiking and Biking Trails in Rovinj, Croatia

Hiking and Biking Trails in Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj was an island until 1763 when the channel was filled in, connecting the city to the mainland. As an island, it was heavily fortified with two stone walls surrounding it – keeping attackers and illness (like the plague) out, which made it quite a desirable place to live. The limited space resulted in narrow streets and stacked housing, but not a lot of green space. However, nature isn’t far and there are ample hiking and biking trails in Rovinj, Croatia. To the south is the Golden Cape Forest Park and to the north is the rural countryside filled with vineyards and olive groves. Both are well connected with paths. We set out on foot to the south and rented bikes to explore the area to the north. read more

Best Hikes of our Journey: Looking down on the rooftops in Kotor, Montenegro

Best Hikes of Our Journey

Naturally, we are often asked what our ‘favorites’ were during our travels around the globe. Those are always tough questions, but to share some of our best memories, we are starting a new series of posts called Best Of Our Journey. In each post, we will discuss the Best Of a specific category. If you’ve been wondering what our Best or Favorite {fill in the blank} was, leave a comment and we’ll compose a post for it!

As much as we love exploring new cities and sights, we equally love escaping the city for nature hikes. We’re not ready to tackle Mount Everest, so we stick to the nature trails enveloped in forests, gravel switchbacks that lead to summits or strolls through city parks. As we traveled around the world, we found ample opportunities to stretch our legs with Mother Nature. Below is a list of our Best Hikes of Our RTW Journey: read more

Nature paths in Ljubljana: The art-lined promenade leads into Tivoli City Park and to the Tivoli Castle

Nature paths in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia is a very walkable city. The bright and wide pedestrian-only streets that run along the river through the heart of town are only the beginning. In the week we’ve spent discovering the city, we’ve found several nature paths in Ljubljana and love how the city and nature coexist.

Nature Paths in Ljubljana: Roznik Hill, Sisenski Hill and Tivoli City Park

Looking through our kitchen window, we have a clear view of Roznik Hill and the pink church that sits atop it. The hill is part of a massive park that is practically in Ljubljana’s city center. Numerous dirt paths wind through the dense forests that connect both Roznik and Sisenski Hills and the Tivoli City Park. read more