Lake Bohinj, Slovenia 3-day Itinerary JetSetting Fools

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia 3-Day Itinerary

Fresh air. Clear water. Green forests. Towering mountains. Wide pastures. Deep gorges. Flourishing nature. Lake Bohinj is uncomplicated and raw; she’s the girl next door that doesn’t have to dress up or put on make up in order to attract attention. Lake Bohinj is a postcard-picture scene, naturally designed in hues of unbelievable blues and shades of intense green. Cradled in the Julian Alps, the glacial lake is watched over by the mountain peaks that rise around it and is protected within the boundaries of Triglav National Park. read more

3 Hikes Near Florence, Oregon Oregon Coast Trail Marker JetSetting Fools

3 easy hikes near Florence, Oregon

The coastal town of Florence, Oregon, population 8,500, is situated in the central portion of the state where the Siuslaw River flows into the Pacific Ocean. In the charming Old Town district, Bay Street runs parallel to the river where locally-owned restaurants and shops are housed in historic buildings. In the summertime, brilliant flowers rise beside the sidewalks and overflow from pots hanging from street lamps. Strolling the street with an ice cream in hand from the bridge down to the wooden docks is an ideal way to soak in the atmosphere. read more

Best Hikes of our Journey: Looking down on the rooftops in Kotor, Montenegro

Best Hikes of Our Journey

Naturally, we are often asked what our ‘favorites’ were during our travels around the globe. Those are always tough questions, but to share some of our best memories, we are starting a new series of posts called Best Of Our Journey. In each post, we will discuss the Best Of a specific category. If you’ve been wondering what our Best or Favorite {fill in the blank} was, leave a comment and we’ll compose a post for it!

As much as we love exploring new cities and sights, we equally love escaping the city for nature hikes. We’re not ready to tackle Mount Everest, so we stick to the nature trails enveloped in forests, gravel switchbacks that lead to summits or strolls through city parks. As we traveled around the world, we found ample opportunities to stretch our legs with Mother Nature. Below is a list of our Best Hikes of Our RTW Journey: read more

Nature paths in Ljubljana: The art-lined promenade leads into Tivoli City Park and to the Tivoli Castle

Nature paths in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia is a very walkable city. The bright and wide pedestrian-only streets that run along the river through the heart of town are only the beginning. In the week we’ve spent discovering the city, we’ve found several nature paths in Ljubljana and love how the city and nature coexist.

Nature Paths in Ljubljana: Roznik Hill, Sisenski Hill and Tivoli City Park

Looking through our kitchen window, we have a clear view of Roznik Hill and the pink church that sits atop it. The hill is part of a massive park that is practically in Ljubljana’s city center. Numerous dirt paths wind through the dense forests that connect both Roznik and Sisenski Hills and the Tivoli City Park. read more

Visiting Plitvice Lakes: Planked pathways lead through the park at the lake's edge

Visiting Plitvice Lakes in late winter

Visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park is continued from Arrival to Plitvice Lakes National Park

If I had a bucket list, visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia certainly would have been on it. Declared a national park in 1949 (Croatia’s first) and a UNESCO Heritage site in 1979, the crystal clear lakes and streams are connected by a series of stunning waterfalls. To allow enough time to enjoy the park, we booked a three night stay at a nearby guesthouse. Our mid-March arrival resulted in a bit of disappointment as we learned that half of the park – the Upper Lakes – was closed, leaving us two full days to explore the lower lakes. read more

Arrival to Plitvice Lakes: The first view of the waterfalls is a stunner!

Arrival to Plitvice Lakes: A winter surprise

I’ve wanted to see the waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park since our first trip to Croatia in 2011. It’s location in the northern interior of Croatia doesn’t make it the easiest place to get to (read: no airport), but our slow travel through the Balkans is being carried out via bus – and Plitvice Lakes is conveniently on the route between Split and Zagreb.

According to the park website, our mid-March arrival still fell within the off-season pricing of $13 USD for a two-day park pass, heavily discounted from the peak. Although Kris referred to our adventure as ‘camping,’ we had actually booked a studio apartment at a guesthouse with a rate that fit our budget. The guide books said one night would be sufficient as the sole attraction is the lakes, we booked three. read more

Hiking Marjan Hill: First views back to Split, Croatia

Hiking Marjan Hill in Split, Croatia

We have been enamored with the historic cities – Lecce, Kotor, Dubrovnik and Mostar – that we’ve visited in the past three months. While they are each unique in their architecture and culture, they are – to a degree – similar in their setting: the cobblestone streets, narrow alleyways and wide squares…and not a whole lot of green space. We’ve been smitten with these quaint towns, but have been craving some time in nature. Luckily, in Split, Croatia, we can reach an area lush with trees, scenic viewpoints and dirt trails by hiking Marjan Hill. read more

A Dubrovnik nature walk along the rugged coast

Dubrovnik nature walk

In our week-long stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia we have covered some ground. Besides walking nearly every street and taking in the sights within the historic walled center, we also took in the views of Dubrovnik from the top of Mount Srd and from the rocky coast east of the city. With a bit of curiosity, we felt compelled to also discover the area to the west of the city with a Dubrovnik nature walk.

We exited the Pile Gate and headed through the square on the right, making our way down the stairs to the small waterfront and pier between the Old City and the Fort of St. Lawrence. From our sea level vantage point, we felt a sense of intimidation by the massive walls of Dubrovnik and the fort perched on the peninsula that rises so grandly from the water. read more

Hiking Mount Srd provides ever changing views of the city and sea below

Hiking Mount Srd in Dubrovnik: From the top down

Hiking Mount Srd in Dubrovnik is continued from Dubrovnik Cable Car to Mount Srd

After spending two hours on top of Mount Srd exploring the area and taking in the 360 degree views over Croatia’s coastline and the hills of Bosnia-Hercegovina and Montenegro, we searched for the trailhead that would lead down the hill to Dubrovnik. Since we only opted for a one-way ticket on the Dubrovnik Cable Car, we would be hiking Mount Srd down to the old town. The lengthy switchbacks stretched out below us and eventually disappeared into a forest of pines, with a field of orange rooftops appearing below the trees. We set out on the loose dirt and gravel path, having no idea how long the hike down Mount Srd might take us and woefully watched a cable car make the three minute descent. read more

Hiking in Kotor: Climb the ramparts to the castle

Since arriving in Kotor, Montenegro, we’ve been determined to hike the town walls – and all 1355 steps – to the San Giovanni Castle that sits at the top of the hill high above the city. A few days ago, we started the hike, propelled by the stunning scenery even though the skies were covered in dark clouds, but only made it halfway before a storm swept through. This time around, the sun was shining and, despite the gusty winds, we took the stairs from our front door and started hiking in Kotor, making the climb along the ramparts to the castle above. We paused at all the same places we had on our previous shorter hike, finding the views even more vibrant under a sky of blue. read more