16 Places to Drink Craft Beer in Prague, Czech Republic

16 Places to Drink Craft Beer in Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is many things – it’s history, architecture, art…and it’s beer. The country is the birthplace of the pilsner and Prague has long had a reputation as the beer capital of the world. Beer, which often costs less than a bottle of water, is for sale in every nook and cranny of the historic and architecturally diverse city. Beer is even an option as part of value meals at Burger King (no joke). And, for those who love beer so much they want to bathe in it, there are Beer Spas and beer soaps that offer just that.  From cavernous halls to street kiosks – and at every café, bar and restaurant in between – it takes little effort to find beer in Prague. However, we weren’t just looking for any beer – we were in search of craft beer in Prague. read more

Dublin, Ireland Sunday Session at The Brazen Head, Ireland's Oldest Pub

Traditional Dublin, Ireland Sunday Session at Brazen Head

We’ve made a quick pit stop in Dublin, Ireland: land of historic castles, Catholic churches, leprechauns, shamrocks, pots of gold, pints of Guinness and rowdy pubs filled with music. With only three full days to explore, we decided to concentrate our efforts on experiences. And, since our first day was a Sunday, we were seeking a traditional Dublin, Ireland Sunday Session.

Squeezing a history lesson into our day, we headed to The Brazen Head, the oldest pub in all of Ireland, dating back to the year 1198. The layout includes five small rooms, three of which also have bars, an upstairs and outdoor courtyard. The ambiance – from the Irish Pub décor to the aromas of fish and chips, mussels and beef stew – were exactly how we imagined it would be. Tables in the front bar were reserved for musicians, who were due to arrive in 30 minutes. read more