3-Day Warsaw Itinerary: A SightSeeing Guide by JetSettingFools.com

3-Day Warsaw Itinerary: A Sightseeing Guide

Warsaw, Poland surprised us. When we decided to take a long layover in the city, we anticipated spending time working. However, we quickly became enamored by Warsaw and pushed our work aside to make the most of our stay in the city. The resilient history – from royal to uprising to rebuilding – provided an engaging storyline for our visit. By the end of our trip, we were completely dazzled by the city and already devising a plan for a return trip. To help other travelers enjoy the city like we did, we created a 3-Day Warsaw Itinerary that includes the highlights of the city – as well as few hidden gems. read more

13 Things To Do in Skopje, Macedonia

13 Things to Do in Skopje, Macedonia

Interesting. Zany. Nonsensical. Inspiring. Weird. Wacky. Before visiting Skopje, Macedonia, these were some of the adjectives we had heard used to describe the capital city. After visiting Skopje, Macedonia, we completely agree…with all of them. Regardless of opinions, we can certainly attest to there being no shortage of things to do in Skopje. 

During our visit to Skopje, Macedonia in November of 2016, the city was in the process of a massive renovation. The complete overhaul is part of the lingering – and costly – Skopje 2014 Project; this government plan aims to reinvent the city with a classical appearance in order to boost nationalism and attract tourists. Only about half of the residents support the project, which has a price tag of more than $700 million USD – a pretty penny for one of Europe’s poorest countries. (Even some of those who agree with the facelift are not content with the project, as many accuse the government of being corrupt and wasteful.) read more

15-Day London, Paris, Rome Itinerary by JetSetting Fools

15-Day London, Paris, Rome Itinerary

When my mom and sister revealed their zealous plans for their 15-day London, Paris, Rome Itinerary, I was skeptical that they would be able to pull it off. Unlike me, who wants to travel to eternity, Dianne and Tracy approached their trip as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the cities. It would be Tracy’s (my sister) first trip to Europe and Dianne’s (my mom) second trip (although, it would be her first time to London and Rome). They packed their 15-Day London, Paris, Rome Itinerary to the brim…and then heaped on a bit more for good measure. read more

Nijmegen Netherlands in Pictures The Weigh House on Grote Markt JetSetting Fools

Nijmegen, Netherlands in Pictures: A Photo Essay

Nijmegen, Netherlands in pictures is a compilation of our 13 best photos of Netherlands’ oldest city. During our two-month stay in the nearby village of Beek-Ubbergen, we made several trips into the city – and were able to capture the beauty of Nijmegen, Netherlands in pictures.

Click here for a city walking tour guide.

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Diocletian’s Palace sights: the palace basement

Diocletian’s Palace Sights: 3 things to see

We started our exploration of Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia by wandering around the many exposed ruins, through ancient courtyards and past historic structures. For a more in-depth understanding of the Diocletian’s Palace sights, we used the SplitCard (70 kuna) to gain limited entry at the cathedral, a discount into the basement cellars and access to the Ethnographic Museum.

Diocletian’s Palace Sights: Cathedral of St. Dominus

For us, the most prominent of the Diocletian’s Palace sights is the Cathedral of St. Dominus. Originally built as Diocletian’s mausoleum, it sits in the center of the Palace on the main square, Peristil. It was converted to a church after the fall of Rome and the bell tower was added in the 13th century (and took 300 years to build). We got our first peek inside the church at Sunday Mass, which was one of the more beautiful masses we’ve attended. We stood in the back (arriving just as mass is starting isn’t advised if you want a seat in the tiny interior) and took in the magnificent scene and incredible choir. read more

One-Day Itinerary Barcelona See The CIty on Foot JetSettingFools.com

One-day itinerary Barcelona: See the city on foot

In our One-Day Itinerary Barcelona, we walked the Ramblas, explored the waterfront, trekked to Barceloneta, strolled through a park, visited the impressive Santa Maria del Mar church and wandered the alleys of La Ribera and Barri Gothic. Our One-Day Itinerary of Barcelona is, perhaps, a little aggressive, covering eight miles on foot, but it hits all the highlights of the city. 

One-day Itinerary Barcelona

The Ramblas

What was once a drainage ditch is now a wide, pedestrian path extending from Placa de Catalunya to the Waterfront. Newsstands, flower shops and street artists line the length of The Ramblas. We detoured off the main strip to visit small squares, the Roman Necropolis, the Betlem Church and La Boqueria, an active market offering everything from seafood to sweets. read more

Wandering the Streets of Hanoi, Vietnam JetSetting Fools

Seeing the sights: Wandering the streets of Hanoi

From the moment we arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam, we felt like we had entered another world. The constant street motion and horn honking was both captivating and intimidating. Overwhelmed, we decided to see the sights by wandering the streets of Hanoi.

We were without a guide book and set our mentality to ‘Just Go with the Flow.’ Creating an itinerary to see the sights of Hanoi wouldn’t be that difficult, as there are many sights to see. But that kind of rigidness would only set the stage for complication, being over-promised, under delivered and, thus, disappointed. read more