Sarajevo Sights

Sarajevo sights: Old Town, religions, landscapes

During our visit to Sarajevo, we often struggled to see past the remnants of the war that occurred 20 years ago. The four-year long Siege of Sarajevo, no doubt, took a toll on the city. However, Sarajevo has many sights that are not related to the dark times of war. From historic landmarks to breathtaking landscapes, the Sarajevo sights are absolutely captivating.

Sarajevo sights: Old Town (Bascarsija)

Sarajevo sights: Religious buildings

Sarajevo sights: Landscapes

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We want to know: What are your favorite Sarajevo sights? If you haven’t been to Sarajevo, what do you most want to see there? Tell us about it in the comments! read more

A Walk in London to Westminster Sights

Westminster sights: a self-guided walk in London

London is massive on just about every definable scale: size, history, culture. We broke up our sightseeing by neighborhood, starting in the most iconic area: The City of Westminster. With Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Parliament, we had a full day of Westminster sights to see.

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Westminster Sights: The Wellington Arch

Completed in 1830 to celebrate the British victories during the Napoleonic Wars, it has been moved and statues have been switched out, but it still stands as a triumphant arch.

Westminster Sights: Buckingham Palace 

Built in 1705, the Royal Family has resided in Buckingham Palace since 1837, when Queen Victoria moved there from James’s Palace. The grand size – 355 feet by 393 feet with 775 rooms, including 78 bathrooms – is more impressive than the architectural design. read more

Dublin, Ireland Self-Guided Walking Tour

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour

We could have easily spent our three days in Dublin seeing nothing more than the inside of pubs, but there’s a lot more to the city than just downing pints of Guinness goodness. Many of the historic sights are condensed within the city center, which makes for an easy Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour – and helped keep us out of the bars, if only for a few hours. (Map below.)

Dublin, Ireland Self-Guided Walking Tour to 11 Sights

A: St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

It was on this site that in 450 AD St. Patrick baptized the first Irish converts. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was completed in 1191 and is the largest church in Ireland. The spire reaches 140 feet. read more

Iconic Budapest sights: Our fist look at Parliment

4 Iconic Budapest sights

When we think of Budapest, what comes to mind are images of the massive parliament building, the towering cathedral, and Chain Bridge that spans the Danube River and connects Buda to Pest. Even though we have 11 days to discover the city, our first mission was to see these four iconic Budapest sights.

Iconic Budapest Sights:


As we rounded the corner into Kossuth Square and got our first glimpse of Parliament, I literally stopped in my tracks. The colossal building was much larger than I anticipated it being. It stretches 879 feet along the bank of the Danube River. Built from 1885 to 1904, it was inaugurated in 1896 for the country’s 1000th year celebration. The Gothic design features spires, statues, arches and a dome that soars 96 meters, in honor of the country’s birth date, 896. Tip: Take a tour of Parliament, which includes viewing the Coronation Jewels.  read more

17 Sights in Ljubljana, Slovenia

When we arrived in Ljubljana, Sloevnia for our two-week stay, we weren’t overly concerned with checking off a list of sights to see. Ljubljana, as a whole is ‘the sight’ and we wanted to experience it that way. Yet, if we did not have the luxury of time to immerse ourselves into the city bit by bit, these are the 17 sights in Ljubljana we would have made a point not to miss on our first stroll through town.

17 Sights in Ljubljana

The Castle

Completing the fairytale that is Ljubljana, making a point to go up to the Ljubljana Castle was a must for us, especially since climbing the hill and entering the courtyard are free of charge. The history of how the castle has been used and has changed over the years is interesting and the views over the city to the mountains are nothing short of amazing. Read about our visit to the Ljubljana Castle. read more

Dubrovnik Sights a Walk Through the Old Town Croatia

Dubrovnik sights: A Walk Through the Old Town

Although we’ve appreciated the scenic viewpoints from the top of Mount Srd, we’ve also been captivated by the historic charms within the old walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Exploring the steep alleys is like walking climbing stairs back in time (if you can ignore all the wires, satellites and air conditioners). However, a stroll down the Stradun from the Pile Gate to the bell tower is done on level ground, passing some of the best Dubrovnik sights along the way.

Dubrovnik History

The city of Dubrovnik evolved from a maritime past, with different theories as to when the area was first inhabited. It is certain, however, that it thrived in the 14th and 15th centuries due to its merchant trade and natural resources. In 1667, a massive earthquake, followed by fires, damaged much of the city, but it was reconstructed in the architectural style we see today. read more

Cape Town Self-Guided Walking Tour South Africa

Cape Town self-guided walking tour

Cape Town has a bright and colorful city center. The city has beautiful architecture, nearby nature and a lively entertainent district on the water. we opted for a Cape Town self-guided walking tour of the city center so that we could move on our own two feet and get a real feel for the city.  (Map below.)

Cape Town Self-Guided Walking Tour

Flower Market

Our route started at the Adderly bus stop, heading south past the multiple-level shopping malls to the flower market. Set up in a dimly lit alley, a few unique blossoms caught my eye and the sellers offered – more than once – to create a bouquet especially for me. read more