Friends, Futbol and Bar-hopping in Boston: US Men's Soccer vs Haiti at Gillette Stadium

Friends, Futbol and Bar-hopping in Boston

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Most of the stops on our U.S. Summer Family and Friends Tour had us feeling slightly out of our element. We weren’t on vacation, but we weren’t working, either. Things were the same, but different. Our two-day stop in Boston, however, was like taking a page out of Weekends From Our Past, complete with friends, a sporting event and bar hopping.

We were staying in Southie with our friend, Lowercase (who had met up with us in Spain for the holidays). Dinner was around the corner at a trendy seafood restaurant, Stephi’s In Southie. But, we made it as far as a shared plate of nachos and sliced kielbasa before dinner was forgotten in favor of wine. Lowercase’s friends met us for a few more rounds of drinks and storytelling before they called it a night – and we moved on to Amrheins, a historic, local spot that has been around since 1890.

Friends, Futbol and Bar-hopping in Boston: Southie

The U.S. Men’s soccer match against Haiti was the following night and we spent most of the day recovering from the previous night’s follies preparing for the event. A cooler, ice, beers, pizzas, lawn chairs and koozies – along with five people – were stuffed into the car to make the road trip out to Gillette Stadium. We squeezed into the parking lot designated as the official meeting spot of The American Outlaws, U.S. Soccer’s largest supporter club. Through the sea of red, white and blue, we found our friends (some of who we had also met up with in Zurich) and joined in on the pre-game celebrations.

Friends, Futbol and Bar-hopping in Boston: Tailgating with The American Outlaws

Inside the stadium, the place was buzzing. While USA fans were (obviously) in the majority, a good number of Haitian backers were in attendance as well. The section behind the goal became standing room only and we worked our way into the madness. When the U.S. team scored, the place went crazy – and we could feel the energy when they took the win.

Friends, Futbol and Bar-hopping in Boston: US Men's Soccer vs Haiti at Gillette Stadium

On our final day in Boston, we grabbed coffee to go from a local café and spent the morning walking through Southie, eventually making our way down to the beach. We passed people reading the paper on their front steps and said hello to the old men sitting in lawn chairs on the corner. We noticed the construction of many apartment buildings and new, hip eateries that made it clear gentrification is well under way. But, I have a feeling the men on the corner won’t be moving any time soon.

Friends, Futbol and Bar-hopping in Boston: Old men sit on the corner in Southie

For an extended lunch, we went to the nearby Seaport District. We opted for an Irish bar, Whiskey Priest, amongst the sleek and trendy waterfront hotspots. From the rooftop deck, we watch sailboats on the Boston Harbor. A fine way to end an All-American weekend.

Friends, Futbol and Bar-hopping in Boston: Boston Harbor from Seaport District

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