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London is one of the world’s most popular destinations for a reason. Rich in history and culture, there is a long list of things to do in London – from visiting world-renowned historic sights to experiencing diverse neighborhoods to eating classic British fare. From a practical side, getting to London is easy as there are thousands of flights to the city each day – and, once there, getting around is a breeze with ample public transportation. One drawback of the city, however, is that sightseeing in London can be expensive. While many top London sights are free, London attraction tickets – like the London iVenture Card or London City Pass – can be huge cost-savers for visiting ticketed sights.


How We Found iVenture Card

At a travel expo last summer there was an iVenture booth – and we were the lucky winners of an iVenture card that we could use in any of their destinations. Although we could have used the card in Hong Kong, Sydney or Barcelona, the iVenture London card was most appealing to us. On a previous trip to London, we were on a budget and created a complete London itinerary based on only visiting free London attractions. While we were never short of things to see in London, we felt we missed a few London highlights. With the iVenture Card, we could visit 3 London attractions that require a ticket for entry.

Save more than 40% on London's top attractions

Even though the iVenture Cards were a gift, we wanted to use the full benefit of the London attractions combination tickets. We researched the London sightseeing pass – as if we had purchased it ourselves – to ensure we were using at minimum the value of the card.


How London iVenture Card Works

Unlike some London attractions combo tickets that are valid for their entire list of sights within a certain time period, the London iVenture Card is valid for a specific number of attractions (3, 5, 7 or 10) to be visited within a month’s time. The iVenture Card is extremely beneficial to tourists (or locals!) who have longer stays in London. That being said, we used our London 3-attraction pass in one day – and still found it to be valuable!



Choosing Attractions with the London iVenture Card

London attraction offers are useless if 1) you don’t use the monetary value of the card and 2) you don’t have access to sights that interest you. So, while making certain we were utilizing the value of the 3-in-1 London attractions pass, we also had to choose the 3 attractions in London that we most wanted to see and/or experience.

With the London iVenture Card, there are more than 30 attractions to choose from, including sights, tours and experiences. We thoroughly reviewed the offerings and made our list of attractions that most appealed to us.

Topping our list was Tower of London and Kensington Palace. Other sights that interested us were the Stonehenge and Bath Excursion, the Shard Viewing Platform, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, High Tea, Pub Meal, Medieval Banquet, ThamesJet and the Sundowner River Cruise. Once we determined our list, we researched the cost of each attraction, as if we were to buy tickets individually (the information is conveniently displayed on the individual attractions pages on the iVenture website).

*Prices listed are for Adult Admission Tickets at the door and were accurate at time of posting.

  • Tower of London – £24.80
  • Kensington Palace – £17.00
  • Stonehenge and Bath Excursion – £69.00
  • Shard Viewing Platform – £30.95
  • London Eye Ferris Wheel – £19.95
  • Westminster Abbey – £22.00
  • High Tea at Caffe Concerto – £16.95
  • Pub Meal with Pub Passport – £14.00
  • Medieval Banquet – £50.00
  • ThamesJet – £39.00
  • Sundowner River Cruise – £32.00

See more and save with iVenture Card's London Attractions Pass 

Once we created our list of top London attractions, we had to look more closely at the details. Our plans in London had changed slightly, which resulted in us only having one full day to devote to sightseeing. On limited time, we had to come up with a London Attractions combo that worked for our schedule.

As much as we wanted to take advantage of the day trip to Stonehenge and Bath – places we have long wanted to see – it was the first activity we had to cross off our list. We simply didn’t have time to spend an entire day on one attraction.

*Note: with the iVenture Card, the day trip options only include transportation and a guide on the bus; admission to the sights is paid by the cardholder. That being said, we still found value in the trip to Stonehenge with the iVenture Card, as coordinating our own transportation would have been cumbersome and it would have still incurred a fee.

Since we had already been to the Sky Garden (and because the weather was positively dreary), we eliminated the Shard and London Eye from our list. The foul weather was also a determining factor is not choosing the ThamesJet or River Cruise. Touring Westminster Abbey was recommended, but we had already seen the inside of the Abbey during Sunday mass on a previous visit. Between the three dining options – High Tea, Pub Meal and Medieval Banquet – the Medieval experience most intrigued us, and we decided it should be one of the 3 London attractions we used with the card. The other two attractions we chose, based on the reviews, were Tower of London and Kensington Palace.


iVenture Card Savings

London iVenture Card 3-Attraction price: £69.00

London Attractions price without iVenture card: Tower of London (£24.80) + Kensington Palace (£17.00) + Medieval Banquet (£50.00) = £91.80

Money Saved with the iVenture Card: £22.80 (about $32 USD)

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Using The iVenture Card

Of the 30+ attractions included with the London iVenture Card, nine of the attractions require a printed voucher from the iVenture kiosk and a few others (like theater tickets, excursions and the Medieval Banquet) need to be booked in advance direct with the company.

We booked the Medieval Banquet on our own, but we had to go to the iVenture kiosk on Westminster Pier to obtain the vouchers for Tower of London and Kensington Palace. Although not necessarily complicated, the process was time-consuming as the booth was staffed by a single employee. We arrived with a plan (date and time of visit for each attraction), but we had to wait behind a group of people who were unsure of which activities they wanted to visit and on which days. The process seemed inefficient and we are hoping they will change it so that people can print or download their own vouchers without having to make the trip to the kiosk.

Visiting 3 London Attractions

Once we had our cards and vouchers (which we obtained the day prior to our sightseeing), visiting the 3 London attractions was simple! Our day was planned succinctly: Kensington Palace at 10am, Tower of London at 1pm, Medieval Banquet at 7pm.

Kensington Palace

At Kensington Palace, we exchanged our vouchers for tickets at the main ticket desk (no need to show the iVenture Card; in fact, they may tell you they don’t accept it…which is the reason for the voucher). We took our time navigating the rooms of the palace and thoroughly enjoyed the Princess Diana fashion exhibit. Time spent: 2 hours

Tower of London

At Tower of London, we had to exchange our vouchers for tickets at the Group Tickets window (no need to show the iVenture Card; in fact, they may tell you they don’t accept it…which is the reason for the voucher). The exhibits at Tower of London were incredibly informative and interesting. We took our time visiting (especially at the Crown Jewels!) and, when we did have any questions, the Yeomen Warders (aka Beefeaters) kindly provided some insight. Time spent: 4 hours

Medieval Banquet

With our prior reservations for the Medieval Banquet, we simply had to show our iVenture cards when we arrived. Our table of 10 (all couples) was a mix of tourists and locals. Everyone at the dinner played their part – from the wait staff to entertainers to the guests. Our table was a boisterous bunch and their jovial spirit definitely helped make the meal an experience. Time spent: 3 hours

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London Sightseeing Card Comparisons

The iVenture Card isn’t the only London attractions tickets deal – and we investigated how the card compared to other special offers for London attractions.

The London Pass

The London Pass is one of the most popular multi-attraction tickets in London, but while it does provide London tourist discounts, it is vastly different from the iVenture Card. Rather than being based on number of attractions visited, it is based on number of days (the London Pass is good for 1 2, 3, 4, 6, or 10 days). The one-day London Pass costs £69.00 (the same price as the 3 Attraction Pass London iVenture Card) and includes more than 60 attractions to choose from. For organized and efficient sightseers, the London Pass could certainly be beneficial, as it is certainly possible to visit more than 3 sights in one day (although, be aware, there is a one-day pass card value cap of £175). However, the London Pass does not include the option of excursions and London Pass holders are only given a £15 discount to the Medieval Banquet.

The London Explorer Pass

Like the London iVenture Card, the London Explorer Pass is also based on number of sights (3, 5 or 7). The 3-attraction pass for London Explorer costs £59.00 and offers 20 attractions to choose from (but does not include Tower of London, Kensington Palace or the Medieval Banquet).


National Rail 2-for-1 Offers

Purchasing National Rail passes entitles the traveler to more than 150 2-for-1 offers in London. Of course, these London sightseeing discounts only make sense if you are traveling in pairs and need National Rail passes. When my family visited London, they purchased National Rail TravelCards that entitled them transportation on the entire network of London public transport (including the Tube) and the extra benefit of the 2-for-1 offers. Read more about the 2-for-1 National Rail Pass offers in their London, Paris, Rome Itinerary.


Our best advice is to do a little research prior to purchasing a multi-attraction pass for London to make sure the pass will be beneficial financially. For the London sights/experiences that most interested us, the London iVenture Card was the most beneficial. 


See more and save with iVenture Card's London Attractions Pass


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