Lisbon's National Pantheon

Out our front door in Lisbon: Lisbon’s National Pantheon

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Part Two of a series, Out Our Front Door: Lisbon’s National Pantheon. Every time we book accommodations in a new city we are taking a leap of faith. We rely on reviews and attempt to seek out places with local flavor that are still within walking (or public transportation) distance to sights. We couldn’t have been more spot-on with our stay in Lisbon.

If we were any closer to Lisbon’s National Pantheon, we’d staying there (which isn’t really allowed). It is literally out our front door, greeting us in its enormity every time we come and go from the apartment.

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Lisbon’s National Pantheon: History

The impressive building took an even more impressive 284 years to complete. Originally built as a church, Santa Engracia, construction was started in 1682. It was named Lisbon’s National Pantheon in 1916, but was not completed until 1966. The soaring dome can be spotted in the skyline from many vantage points around the city.

The view standing at our front door of Lisbon's National Pantheon

The view standing at our front door of Lisbon’s National Pantheon

Lisbon’s National Pantheon: Interior

Inside, a 17th century organ, carved altar and choir balconies are a reminder of its intended use as a church, but the empty tombs to either side of the altar recognize Portugal’s most historically significant personalities. In rooms off the main hall are actual tombs, most recently buried is Amalia Rodrigues (1921-1999), the famous Fado singer.

Lisbon's National Pantheon: The organ and alter

The organ and alter


Lisbon's National Pantheon: Cenotaph of Vasco da Gama

Cenotaph of Vasco da Gama


Lisbon's National Pantheon: Tomb of Amalia Rodrigues, the famous Fado singer

Tomb of Amalia Rodrigues, the famous Fado singer

Lisbon’s National Pantheon: Rooftop views

Stairs lead up to the expansive platform just below the dome where we had 360 degree views of the city…and straight down to our apartment.

Views from Lisbon's National Pantheon

Our apartment (the pink house in the bottom left corner) and Lisbon out to the sea

There is a small entrance fee, which is probably worth it just for the view from the top, but it is free to visit Lisbon’s National Pantheon on the first Sunday of the month.

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Lisbon's National Pantheon JetSetting Fools


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