Before we hit the road, we spent a lot of time at REI. We researched products, tried stuff on and made a ton of purchases. But, before we bought anything, we joined the co-op. As members, we earned dividends on the things we bought, we were invited to special sales events and they keep an organized list of our purchases for us, so if we ever needed to return something it was simple. With the dividends we earned, the membership easily paid for itself! 


Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters offers travelers a unique way to see the world: petsit and stay in a house for free. Sitters can apply for opportunities all around the globe. House and petsitting with Trusted Housesitters has added a unique element to travel for us. We get to experience the city as locals – and staying for free helps with the budget, too! Annual memberships are available for both housesitters and homeowners.


Travel Blog Success

If you are aspiring to be a travel blogger, a Travel Blog Success membership is essential! The online coursework guides beginner bloggers through the process of starting a travel blog, creating content and marketing the blog for success. As a bonus, there is a members-only Facebook page where bloggers can request critiques and ask any-and-all travel blog related questions.

Travel Blog Success


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