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Split Beaches: The 10 Best Beaches In Split, Croatia

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Split, Croatia is a well-known coastal city that sees a steady stream of catamarans and ferries coming and going – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t Split beaches, too! In the heat of summer, there is nothing quite as refreshing as taking a swim in the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea along Split’s coastline. Grab your towel and sunscreen and let’s discover the 10 Best Beaches in Split, Croatia!


The Best Split, Croatia Beaches

Boys explore the rocks on the western side of Bacvice Beach in Split, Croatia

When planning a trip to Croatia, Split is one of the best cities to visit. Not only is Split easy to get to, but it is filled with fascinating history, delicious Croatian cuisine, fabulous activities and miles an miles of beaches.

Split may have a bustling port, but the city’s location on the Adriatic Sea means there are numerous beaches near the Split city center. The best beaches in Split are within walking distance from the Split Old Town – and spending time on the shoreline is a highlight of any trip to Split.

To the east of the city center is a coastal walkway that connects several of the best Split beaches. Bacvice Beach is the most popular Split beach where swimmers can ease into the cool sea water and sunbathers can find a spot along the edge to catch some rays.

West of the city center, the rocky coastline around Marjan Hill provides a unique Split beach experience where swimmers can jump from the rocks into the clear blue water below.


Sandy Beaches in Croatia

Boys sit on pier at Bacvice Beach in Split, Croatia

Much of the Croatian coastline is rocky, which begs the question: Are there beaches in Split that are sandy? Well, to be honest, the sandy beaches in Split are few and far between. Most of the top beaches in Split are either pebble, rock or concrete platforms.

But don’t let the lack of sandy beaches deter you from spending time on the shoreline. The beaches in Split, Croatia – whether sand or rock beaches – are stunningly beautiful.

If going to a sandy beach in Split is a must, there are only a few places to go. Bacvice Beach is the best sand beach in Split…and the small sandy section is highly coveted in the height of summer, so plan to get there early!

Top Tip: The best sandy beaches in Croatia are on the islands; the town of Lumbarda in Korcula has a wonderful sandy shoreline. Find out more about Split Day Trips to island beaches in our Day Trips from Split post.

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Split Swimming

Stairs lead into water at Bacvice Beach in Split, Croatia

Swimming in Split, Croatia is one of our favorite activities! The water is unbelievably clear and always slightly cool, which is perfect in the summertime. Deciding where to swim in Split really depends on how you like to get in (and out of) the water. We prefer jumping into the sea from rocks rather than wading in from the shoreline. That said, there are numerous places for both.

Regardless of whether you go to rock, pebble or sand beaches in Split, if you plan on wading into the water (not just jumping from the rocks into the sea), then we highly advise wearing water shoes. Not only are the pebbles uncomfortable to walk on, but the coastline is home to numerous spiky sea urchins (and an occasional piece of sharp glass).

Top Tip: The clarity of the water is great for viewing sea life. While the Croatian coast is not home to spectacular reefs or brightly colored fish, it can still be interesting to see what’s in the sea. If you have snorkel gear, bring it with you on your vacation to Croatia.

Split is certainly one of the best coastal towns in Croatia. Although spending time in and near the water is one of the best things to do in the city, we have more tips for what to do in Split. Use our guide to the Best Things To Do in Split, Croatia!

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Our list includes the best beaches around Split. The beaches are categorized based on location (to the east or west of the Old Town, in order starting with the closest beach first).

For each featured Split beach, we include essential information and a link to Google Maps, so that you can quickly get online directions. Additionally, you will find our Beaches in Split Map link at the end of the post.

Our Split Beaches Guide has everything you need to know. Save, Pin or Bookmark our Split travel blog post so that you can access it during your trip to Croatia!


Split Beaches to the East

Within an easy stroll from the Old Town (just beyond the main bus terminal) is Bacvice Beach, Split’s most popular beach. Continuing east, a shoreline walkway leads to several more Split beaches and seaside cafes.


#1 Bacvice Beach Split, Croatia

Turquoise water at Bacvice Beach in Split, Croatia

{MAP} Incredibly convenient to the Old Town, Bacvice Beach Croatia is Split’s most popular beach for travelers. With lively beach bars, shallow water and a sandy shore, the Bacvice Split Beach gets absolutely packed in the summertime with thousands of daily visitors descending on the bay.

Although we prefer less crowded Split beaches, Bacvice is a fun Split party beach complete with bars serving tropical cocktails and DJs spinning tunes.

Split Beach Bacvice is the only sand beach near the city; the sandy portion is in the center along the curve of the bay. Concrete makes up the rest of Bacvice Beach. Sun loungers are available for rent from the beach clubs, but many beach-goers simply spread out their towels on the pavement.

Top Tip: Looking for a place to stay in Split? We talk about Bacvice Beach Hotels and Split beach resorts at the end of the article.


Things To Do at Bacvice Beach

Besides sunbathing, swimming and drinking, the floating Aqua Park Bacvice Split is a fun way to enjoy a day at the beach – and there is also a place to rent jet skis.

At the western end of the bay, large boulders extend into the water. Adventurous travelers can climb up the rocks to a nice viewpoint spot in Pomoraca Park.

Outside of the summer months, the beach exudes a low-key, local vibe. Most of the beach clubs and restaurants are closed, but Zbirac – at the sandy beach – is a lovely spot for a morning coffee. Despite the chilly water, it’s common for locals to play Picigin – a traditional type of handball played in the shallow water.


Bacvice Beach Nightlife

Bacvice Beach is not only hopping when the sun shines; it’s a place to be both day and night. Clubs at Bacvice keep the Split Beach party going well after dark…and the thumping bass continues into the wee hours of the morning.

Top Tip: We love the craft beer in Split! Find out the best places to drink craft brew in our guide to Split Bars serving Croatian Craft Beer!


#2 Ovcice Beach Split

Ovcice Beach in Split, Croatia

{MAP} Just to the east of Bacvice is Ovcice Beach; a small, pebbly beach that is popular with families. Ovcice Split Beach is serviced by one cafe (aptly named Ovcice Cafe). The beach is slightly angled to the west, which makes it a great beach to catch some rays later in the day and a good spot for watching the sunset.

Tucked along the eastern side of Ovcice Beach are a couple of shaded tables. Local men gather at these tables in the late afternoon to play chess and gossip.

Top Tip: On top of the eastern headland that separates Ovcice from Firule (the next beach to the east), is a small park and parking lot. Visitors seeking a little shade can climb the stairs up to the forested park for a reprieve from the sun. Also, the sea-level concrete at the tip of the headland has a few benches and ladders where swimmers can get in and out of the water. The rocky outcrop that extends into Firule Bay is fun to explore at low tide.


#3 Firule Beach Split

Eastern view over Firule Beach in Split, Croatia

{MAP} The Firule Bay is nearly as wide as Bacvice, but with a much smaller beach. In fact, water comes right up to the walkway on the entire western half of the bay, leaving only a small beach on the eastern side. When Firule Beach gets crowded, people stake their claim along the breakwater and on the walkway.

The shallow water along the beach is a good spot to ease into the sea, which makes it especially popular for families with young kids (and is another popular spot to play Picigin).

Mythos, up the stairs above the breakwater, has cliffside tables with great views and serves food, and the adjacent Day & Night Bar Tennis is just for drinks.


Zenta Split

This area to the east of Firule Split Beach is mostly taken up by the Zenta Marina. While swimming in the water at the marina is obviously prohibited, Bazeni Posk is a public swimming pool that is located at the marina. Next to the pool is the Zenta Café Bar and Nightclub.

Top Tip: Also perched above Firule Beach is Dvor, an upscale Michelin-recommended restaurant. Read our complete guide to the Best Restaurants in Split!

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#4 Trstenik Beach Split (and Radisson Beach)

Two sunbathers at Radisson Beach in Split, Croatia

{MAP} Trstenik Beach lies to the east of the Zenta Marina. The calm bay has a clean pebbly beach and plenty of room to spread out your beach blankets. However, currently there are no concessions at Trstenik Beach, so plan accordingly.


Radisson Beach Split

The Radisson Blu Resort sits just east of Trstenik Bay – and, therefore, the beach in front of it is often referred to as ‘Radisson Beach’. Loungers are available for rent (even by those not staying at the Radisson) and the stylish Mistral Beach Bar and Restaurant is run by the hotel.

Top Tip: Trstenik Beach is popular for water-sports. Visitors can rent jet skis or book trips for parasailing.


#5 Znjan Beach Split, Croatia

Glasses of Nova Runda craft beer at Plan B Pub in Split, Croatia

{MAP} The Split Znjan Beach is popular with locals…and tourists who make the effort to get to it. There are numerous on-beach cafes, restaurants and beach clubs.

Located east of Radisson Beach, past the small bay, Beach Znjan is a long stretch of pebbly beach. Even though it gets very crowded in the peak summer months, the water at the beach is clean and the pebbles are finer at Znjan Beach than most other Split beaches.

Top Tip: It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to walk from the Split Old Town to Znjan Beach. There is a large parking lot at Beach Znjan for visitors who want to drive to the beach, but parking can be a challenge. Bus #8 is an alternate way to get Znjan Beach from the Split city center.

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Marjan Beaches

Teal bay at Kasjuni Beach in Split, Croatia

West of the Split Old Town is the Green Lungs of Split, the Marjan Hill Forest Park Peninsula. There are several Marjan Split beaches around the base of the hill – and they tend to be rustic and less crowded than the beaches along the eastern shoreline.

The most popular Marjan Beach is Kasjuni Beach – but there are some other beach clubs and coves to discover as well.

Top Tip: Marjan Beaches can be accessed on foot, Uber or by Bus Line #12. This is the main Marjan Beach Bus and it originates at St. Frane Church on the west end of the Split Riva.


#6 Jadran Beach Split

{MAP} Although Jadran Beach is located not far from the Split Old Town right next to Sustipan Park, it’s a bit of a hidden gem. The Jadran Beach Bar Split sits on the sea, just beyond the harbor and is mostly popular with locals. The concrete and natural rock beach has ladders for swimmers to get in and out of the sea. Next to the Jadran Beach Bar, there is also a swimming pool.

Top Tip: Google Maps does not provide correct walking directions; the Jadran Beach cannot be accessed through Sustipan Park. Walk to the corner of the small marina and look for signs that lead through a gate to the pool and beach bar.


#7 Zvoncac Beach (Rocks along the Coastal Path)

Natural rocks at Zvoncac Beach in Split, Croatia

{MAP} Along the shoreline path, west of the Lucica Marina, is (what we think is called) Zvoncac Beach. The water comes right up to the walkway, which is far too narrow for beach-goers to spread out their towels.

However, the natural rocks to the west of the bay provide a perfect perch above the sea. In fact, the rocky terrain that continues to the west is our absolute favorite Split beach for swimming. There are no services and the rocks are steep and sometimes slippery, so be careful!

Top Tip: From the rocks, swimmers can jump right into the sea. Before jumping, however, use caution and check that the water below is clear of rocks and deep enough to dive into. Also, before taking the plunge, make sure you have an exit strategy. Look for ladders bolted to the rocks so that you can more easily get back out of the water.


#8 Jezinac, Kastelet and Obojena Beaches Split

Looking across the water at Jezinac Beach in Split, Croatia

{MAP} Jezinac Bay has a fantastic beach and is often not as crowded, despite being absolutely beautiful. Both pebbles and rock create this three-cove beach that is occasionally overlooked by travelers. The first cove is Jezinac and is the most natural (with a small, sandy beach) and is protected by a string of rocks, making the water nice and calm.

The next two beach coves (Kastelet and Obojena) are divided by a small peninsula, which is partly used as a parking lot. A simple cafe sits at the center cove and is a good spot for cold drinks. Jezinac Beach is ideal for laid-back vibes and easy access to wade into the water.

Top Tip: We are unsure if Jezinac, Kastelet and Obojena are all the same beach…or different names for the different coves. Regardless, we think they are some of the best beaches in Split, Croatia!


#9 Kasjuni Beach Split

View of Kasuni Beach from Marjan Hill in Split, Croatia

{MAP} Kasjuni Beach – also spelled Kasuni Beach…and not to be confused with the inland town of Kasuni, Croatia – is the most popular Marjan beach.

Located in a large cove at the end of the peninsula, Kasuni Beach features a long, west-facing pebble beach that is perfect for catching afternoon rays and fabulous sunsets. The popularity of the Kasjuni Split Beach means that prices are a bit higher (for sun loungers, drinks and beach food), but the scenery is spectacular.

Top Tip: Looking for Nudist Beaches in Split, Croatia? The furthest end of Kasjuni Beach is designated FKK (a.k.a. Nude).


#10 Bene Beach Split

Rustic Bene Beach on Marjan Peninsula in Split, Croatia

{MAP} Nearly as well-known as Kasjuni Beach, Beach Bene Split is nestled into a northern cove on the Marjan Peninsula. Bene Beach has a restaurant, tennis courts, a kids’ play area and natural shade.

Visitors can spread out on the flat rocks that sprawl into the sea, go swimming in the shallow water or rent kayaks. Typically, the setting at Bene Beach is laid back and serene.

Top Tip: While buses and Uber taxis transport people to Bene Beach, our favorite way to get there is to hike. From the Varos neighborhood, we walk up to the Split City Viewpoint (this is a must do when Split Sightseeing!), then hike the length of the peninsula to where the trail breaks off for Split Bene Beach. Find all the details of this hike in our Hiking Marjan Hill post.

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Split Beaches Map

Use this link to Google Maps for an online, interactive version of our Split, Croatia Beaches Map. 

Split Beaches Map by JetSettingFools.com


More of the Best Beaches in Croatia

Croatia is home to thousands of miles of coastline and some of the best beaches in the world. We are highlighting a few more of our favorites. 


Banje Beach in Dubrovnik

If you are looking for the best beaches in Dubrovnik, put Banje Beach on your list! The stylish beach features epic views of Old City Dubrovnik – and has both a public section and beach bar. Read more about Banje Beach and 5 other incredible Dubrovnik Beaches!

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Velika Plaza in Omis

One of the best beaches near Split, Velika Plaza is a sandy beach just steps from the picturesque Old Town. Unlike the small Split sandy beaches, Velika Plaza is big (the name actually translates to Big Beach). Omis is a well-known adventure destination – with top activities like ziplining, hiking and rafting – but spending time on the beach is one the Best Things To Do in Omis


Zlatni Rat in Bol on Brac Island

Zlatni Rat – which means Golden Horn – is the most famous beach in Croatia. The pebbly beach is a spit of land that extends into the Adriatic Sea…and it constantly moves with the currents and tides. Spending time on the beach is, of course, the best way to experience it, however, for the best view of the beach, you will need to hike up Vidova Gora


Split Accommodation

When it comes to accommodation in Split, Croatia there are heaps of options!


Hotels Near Bacvice Beach, Split

If you are looking for hotels in Split near the beach, however, there are far fewer choices.


Briig Boutique Hotel

A new Bacvice Beach hotel in Split, the luxury Briig Boutique Hotel features a rooftop pool, included breakfast and sea-facing rooms. The swanky hotel is a bit pricey – the Penthouse Suite goes for almost $2,000 USD per night in the summer – but it is right off the beach. Look at the photos!


Hotel Park Split

Consistently rated as one of the best beach hotels in Split, the historic hotel dates to 1921 (and was completely renovated in 2015 and again in 2021). Just steps from Bacvice Beach, the classic hotel has a pool, on-site restaurant and spa. Check prices for your trip!


Split Beach Apartment

There are numerous apartments for rent near Split beaches. On one of our recent visits to Split, we found an apartment on Airbnb that was located just across the street from Bacvice . We often prefer staying in apartments rather than hotels because we find they have more space, are less expensive and have a kitchen where we can make a few meals at home (especially breakfast!). Start your search and save money on your first Airbnb stay!


More of the Best Beach Hotels in Split, Croatia

Other highly rated hotels are found along the eastern shoreline, further from the Split city center.


Hotel Fanat

Located on Znjan Beach, Hotel Fanat receives fabulous ratings. The hotel has an indoor pool, on-site restaurant and fitness center. Check available rooms now!


Marvie Hotel

Located by Firule Beach, the Marvie Hotel opened in 2017. The hotel features a rooftop pool, sea view rooms and an on-site spa. Check out the features!


Beach Resorts Near Split, Croatia

Split also offers two fabulous beach resorts for your Croatia vacation.


Radisson Blu Resort

Located between Znjan and Trstenik Beach – the Radisson Blu is Split’s top beach resort. The luxury property features an outdoor pool, a high-end spa, sea view rooms with a balcony and a superb on-site restaurant. Read the Rave Reviews!


Hotel Amphora

Located on the far east end of Znjan Beach, Hotel Amphora bills itself as a spa oasis right on the water. Highly rated for couples, the Hotel Amphora may be a great choice for a romantic Croatian holiday! Read the Reviews!


When searching for the best hotels in Split – or the best beach hotels in Croatia! – start your search on Booking.com…like we do!


Start planning your Croatia Itinerary! Our 3-Day Split Itinerary and self guided Split Walking Tour are great places to start! Then, search for the lowest airfares, the best accommodations and fun things to do…then start packing!  Want more travel planning tips? Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page!


Pro Tip: Get (and stay) organized for your Vacation to Croatia by using our Trip Planning Printables!


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