A guide to Visiting Prishtina, Kosovo

A Guide to Visiting Prishtina, Kosovo

Prishtina, Kosovo (also Prishtinë and Priština) is not a city included on most travelers’ itineraries. It doesn’t rank as a top destination in Europe, Eastern Europe or even the Balkans, for that matter. It held the honor of being the ‘World’s Newest Capital City’ from 2008 to 2011, but even that title was scoffed at by the nations that don’t recognize Kosovo as a country.… Read the rest

Visiting Zagreb, Croatia: A view of St. Mark's Square from the Zagreb Eye

Visiting Zagreb: A metropolitan city in Croatia

There’s just something about a capital city; a palpable energy. People dressed in business attire walk with purpose, there is constant movement of public transportation, and a sense of real life is happening all around us. And, so it is true with visiting Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.… Read the rest

Our week in Mostar: The Old Bridge at night

Why we loved spending a week in Mostar

Throughout our journey, there have been certain places that have captivated us – Mostar is one of them. In so many ways it resembles the other fairytale European cities we’ve visited, with the quaint historic center so appealing draped across the Old Bridge and down both sides of the Neretva River.… Read the rest

A short hike in Kotor, Montenegro for stunning views

There are three miles of protective walls that wrap around Kotor, Montenegro, completely fortifying the triangular, medieval town from the sea-facing entrance up into the hills above it. Building the ramparts took more than 1000 years and include lookout towers and a castle.… Read the rest

Out of the Schengen Zone and Into Montenegro

Long ago, when we were deciding the route of our year-long journey around the world, we didn’t get specific about the end of the trip, we only determined the general destination of Europe. Even now we have only booked accommodation through the beginning of March and the remainder of the trip is open.… Read the rest