Ferry from Split to Vis Island

Ferry from Split to Vis Island

Split, Croatia serves as an excellent jumping off point for exploring the nearby islands that are scattered along the Dalmatian Coast. Inexpensive ferries transport passengers from the mainland to the islands year round (although, in the off-season, the schedules are condensed).… Read the rest

A view of Princes Bridge and Eureka Tower from a boat cruise on the Yarra River

A boat cruise on the Yarra River

Wind in my hair, the cool breeze on my face, a new perspective of the shoreline – these are just a few reasons why I love hopping aboard a boat. In Melbourne, a boat cruise on the Yarra River is offered by a range of companies taking passengers up river, down river and all the way to Williamstown on Port Phillip Bay.… Read the rest

Crossing the Adriatic Sea

It’s no secret that flying is our preferred method of travel, we are Jetsetting Fools, after all. With nearly free flights (thanks to Kris’s years with the airline), it just makes sense. Even in Southeast Asia – land of Travel-by-Bus – we relied on planes to get us from city to city.… Read the rest

Swimming with Dolphins on Mauritius JetSetting Fools

Swimming with dolphins on Mauritius

It’s hard to believe that after all the beaches we’ve stayed on, we’ve only once caught sight of dolphins. And that was six months ago in Punta del Diablo. Being that Mauritius just might be our last stay on a tropical paradise during our yearlong journey around the world, it was high time we set out in search of the elusive creatures.… Read the rest

Four Island Tour from Koh Lanta, Thailand JetSettingFools.com

Four Island Tour from Koh Lanta, Thailand

Several large monoliths are scattered in the Andaman Sea just off the coast of Koh Lanta. Some are sheer rock, others have small beaches along the edge and a few have swimmable caves. The reef that lies just below the surface is a feasting ground for fish and offers fantastic snorkeling spots for sea-loving humans.Read the rest

Day trip to the Cham Islands, Vietnam by JetSettingFools.com

Day trip to the Cham Islands, Vietnam

Just off the coast of Hoi An, Vietnam are the Cham Islands, which are made up of eight islands. Only the largest, Hon Lao, is inhabited with people. Motorboats race tourists across the nine miles of choppy water for a day trip to the Cham Islands.… Read the rest