Hiking Mount Srd provides ever changing views of the city and sea below

Hiking Mount Srd in Dubrovnik: From the top down

Hiking Mount Srd in Dubrovnik is continued from Dubrovnik Cable Car to Mount Srd

After spending two hours on top of Mount Srd exploring the area and taking in the 360 degree views over Croatia’s coastline and the hills of Bosnia-Hercegovina and Montenegro, we searched for the trailhead that would lead down the hill to Dubrovnik.… Read the rest

Dubrovnik Cable Car Croatia

Dubrovnik Cable Car to Mount Srd

The first day of our week-long stay in Dubrovnik was the only day forecasted with clear weather. With the remainder of the week having varying percentages of predicted wind and rain, we seized the sunny opportunity to spend some time outdoors.… Read the rest

Views from Cape Town's Table Mountain South Africa JetSetting Fools

Views from Cape Town’s Table Mountain: A Photo Essay

Cape Town’s Table Mountain sits majestically in the background to be marveled at in its enormity on clear days and in wonder on overcast days when the South Easter winds create the ‘tablecloth,’ shrouding the plateaued top in clouds.

Table Mountain, the iconic centerpiece to Cape Town,  was recently named one of the ‘New 7 Wonders of Nature.’ Table Mountain is part of the larger Table Mountain National Park and mountain range that extends to southern end of the cape.Read the rest

Wellington Cable Car New Zealand JetSetting Fools

Wellington Cable Car and Botanic Gardens

While there is so much to see in Wellington, perspective is everything. A little elevation gain changes how we saw the city. While Mount Victoria is a popular viewpoint, the views from the top of the Wellington Cable Car and city Botanic Gardens are are also impressive.Read the rest