6 Things To Do in Cairns, Australia On A Budget JetSettingFools.com

6 things to do in Cairns, Australia on a budget

Australia was, at one time, considered a budget destination…but those days are long gone. However, I believe that every place can be visited on a budget and Cairns is no exception. Even if it is a jumping off point to numerous expensive activities, there are many things to do in Cairns, Australia on a budget while still experiencing the city’s main attractions.… Read the rest

Cairns Botanic Gardens JetSetting Fools

Cairns Botanic Gardens

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time in our studio for two reasons: 1) We need to study up on Southeast Asia (we mean it this time!) and 2) We need to give our budget a little break.

It’s a big enough space and easy to “work” in, however, there is only so much staring at screens we can do until we start to go blind.Read the rest

Trinity Beach Cairns Northern Beaches JetSetting Fools

Trinity Beach: Cairns Northern Beaches

Although Cairns, Australia is waterfront and the jumping off point for Great Barrier Reef excursions, there is no actual sandy beach in town. The Esplanade walkway hugs the shore, but at low tide the water recedes, leaving nothing but muddy flats.… Read the rest

Red and Blue Arrow trails in Cairns Australia JetSetting Fools

Red and Blue Arrow Trails in Cairns

After our fun-time, budget-breaking friend Vinny left us for the Outback, Kris and I spent the better part of three days holed up in our studio apartment staring into our devices (It’s not all beaches and rainbows!). We need time to get caught up on the blog and social media and finally got down to the business of doing some serious research on Southeast Asia.Read the rest

Scenic Railway from Kuranda to Cairns Australia JetSetting Fools

The Scenic Railway from Kuranda to Cairns

After our day in Kuranda, we had a few options for getting back to the city, but the most appealing to us was the Scenic Railway from Kuranda to Cairns. The train meanders through the world heritage-listed rainforest, clinging to the side of the mountain for the two hour journey down 37 km of track carrying passengers in the original, creaking, wooden cars.Read the rest

Kuranda: A village in the rainforest Australia JetSetting Fools

Kuranda: A village in the rainforest

While there is plenty to do in Cairns, it is also a jumping off point for so many other adventures. Travel agencies seem to occupy the majority of the storefronts in town, all offering nearly the same deals for everything from snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef to helicopter rides to trips to the outback.… Read the rest