Christmas in Zagreb, Croatia Celebrating Advent

Christmas in Zagreb, Croatia: Celebrating Advent

As the crisp air brightens my cheeks and little puffs of breath escape from my mouth, I inhale the scent of sizzling meat being cooked to perfection. The tantalizing aroma drifts on a light breeze from cheerfully decorated wooden huts and I wonder how many minutes will pass by until we succumb to buying a sausage.… Read the rest

Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

23 Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

It’s that time of year. The time when the holiday season is around the corner and the pressure is on to pick the perfect presents for family, friends and co-workers. For those searching for the ideal gift for travelers, we are here to help.… Read the rest

Housesitting for the holidays: Stories from around the world

Housesitting for the holidays: Stories from around the world

Housesitting for the holidays is a new concept for us. From the moment we agreed to housesit near Nijmegen, Netherlands from mid-November to the end of January, we began pondering how we would celebrate (American) Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. What are the local traditions? Will we get a tree and decorations?… Read the rest

Celebrating Christmas in Europe: A photo essay

We pulled ourselves from the beaches of Mauritius and mountains of Cape Town and purposely headed back to the northern hemisphere – yes, into winter – to take in the sights and sounds of the holiday season by celebrating Christmas in Europe.… Read the rest

Barcelona for Christmas

We’ve arrived in Spain for the holidays! This year, we’ll be in Barcelona for Christmas. Besides the excitement of it being our first time to Barcelona – a city we’ve tried many times to visit, but could never work into our plans – we are even more ecstatic about the arrival of our friend, Sarah, a.k.a.… Read the rest