2-Night Halong Bay Cruise in Vietnam

2-night Halong Bay Cruise: Why one night is not enough

My desire to visit Vietnam was ignited the first time I glimpsed a photograph of Halong Bay. It countered the image of Vietnam I had conjured in my head; the one where chaotic streets are overcrowded with motorbikes and stifled with pollution.… Read the rest

Cruising Halong Bay Vietnam JetSetting Fools

Cruising Halong Bay, Vietnam – Day 3

Continued from Exploring Halong Bay (Day 2)

Cruising Halong Bay, Vietnam: Tai Chi

On our second morning of cruising Halong Bay, Vietnam, we woke up slightly bleary-eyed and with unsettled stomachs (aka hangovers), but refused to succumb to the self-inflicted pain.… Read the rest

Exploring Halong Bay Vietnam JetSetting Fools

Exploring Halong Bay: Halong Bay cruise – Day 2

Continued from Cruising Halong Bay Cruise – Day 1

Soft morning light was filtering through the window of our cabin and I quickly rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I remembered where I was: on a junk boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam.… Read the rest

Halong Bay Cruise Vietnam JetSetting Fools

Halong Bay Cruise – Day 1

It was the karst limestone rocks protruding from Halong Bay that ignited by desire to visit Vietnam. I don’t remember the first time I saw a picture, but at some point, I had decided that I wanted to see Halong Bay with with own eyes.… Read the rest