A view south to the city on our Sydney Road pub crawl in Brunswick

Sydney Road pub crawl in Brunswick

Sydney Road has long been the main thoroughfare in Brunswick and it is lined with shops, eateries, government buildings and churches. Gentrification of the area has spurred the remodeling of historic hotels (which are pubs) and the adaptive reuse of many of the buildings along Sydney Road.… Read the rest

On budget after 9 months of travel

Heading into our year-long journey around the world, we knew balancing our budget with our experience was going to be one of the most difficult elements of the trip. Without an income, we’ve set a tight budget of $100 per day for both of us combined, which includes lodging, food, drinks, local transportation, entertainment and miscellaneous fees.… Read the rest

Finding Home Abroad with Airbnb

For the past eight months, we’ve essentially been drifters, claiming 37 different homes since our journey began. Finding home abroad – meaning, places to stay that are as comfortable as our old home – can be challenging.

Leaving our home in America

When we left the United States, we gave away the majority of our possessions to our friends or donated to a local charity.… Read the rest

Visit Koh Lanta in the Low Season Thailand JetSetting Fools

Visit Koh Lanta in low season: Where to stay, How to get there

After spending two weeks in northern Thailand in the city of Chiang Mai, we headed south to the islands. There are heaps to choose from; Phuket and Koh Samui are more popular and commercialized, but we were looking for something a little more quiet and local…and we found just that in Koh Lanta.… Read the rest

Why Visit Siem Reap Cambodia JetSetting Fools

Why visit Siem Reap? There is more to see than temples

Why visit Siem Reap? Siem Reap is the obvious choice as a home base for touring the temples of Angkor and while the temples will always take first place, Siem Reap is a welcoming city that could stand on its own.… Read the rest

Budget Island Accommodations: Easter Island and Moorea

With limited flights to Easter Island and on to Tahiti – always a risk for standby passengers – we were quite unsure if we would make it to either destination. Not wanting to be on the hook for accommodations we couldn’t use, we waited until we arrived to book our accommodations.… Read the rest

Breaking Down our Travel Budget JetSetting Fools

Breaking down the travel budget: 44 days in South America

By nature, I’m a saver, but now that we are travelling full-time without any income, we’ve become spenders. As the self-appointed CFO of our Jetsetting Fools operation, we are spenders on a budget of $100 per day – total for both of us.… Read the rest

Llao-Llao Hotel JetSetting Fools

Operation Llao-Llao Hotel

We’ve read much about the highly acclaimed Llao-Llao Hotel (pronounced ‘Sh’ao-‘Sh’ao) and thought we’d sneak a peek at the resort that has an air of a finer-things-club. So, off we went on the #20 bus to the banks of Lago P.Read the rest

unique Hondarribia rental

Unique Hondarribia rental: The Attic Apartment

We had high hopes of taking the bus or simply walking from the San Sebastian Airport into the town of Hondarribia, which is completely doable, but in the tired and confused state we were in we gave up and flagged a taxi.… Read the rest

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Flowers JetSetting Fools

Itinerary for a Perfect San Francisco Weekend

Over the years, I have had many “Perfect” San Francisco Weekends. From our first visit when I discovered the Sea Lions on Pier 39 to the weekend we sneaked off to get married to a birthday celebration with friends. But, this past trip ranks as our most perfect San Francisco weekend.… Read the rest