Walking Tour Madrid Self-Guided Walk to 10 Sights of Madrid by JetSettingFools.com

Walking Tour Madrid: Self-Guided Walk to 10 Sights of Madrid

Twice before we have visited Madrid on quick, less-than-24-hour layovers. Both times, we dashed through the city to see the sights of Madrid as quickly as we could. On our most recent trip with friends we had more time – but still only 2 days in Madrid – and we were anxious to show our visiting friends to the best sights in Madrid.… Read the rest

3 Parks in Madrid's City Center

3 Best Parks in Madrid

As much as we like seeing the sights of Madrid, admiring the architecture of the historic buildings, spending evenings in museums and endless hours in cafes, we also enjoy a bit of nature. We found three parks in Madrid’s city center –  to the west, south and east – which are great for a picnic lunch, an afternoon stroll away from the bustling center or just a breath of fresh air.… Read the rest