Swimming with Dolphins in Mauritius: A Boat Excursion by JetSettingFools.com

Swimming with Dolphins in Mauritius: A Boat Excursion

With crystal-clear water and offshore islands, boat trips are one of the best activities in Mauritius. The temperate Indian Ocean that surrounds the island attracts an array of sea life – from colorful tropical fish to dolphins and whales. With numerous available tours, it can be difficult to choose which one to take.… Read the rest

Southern Shores of Le Morne, Mauritius JetSettingFools.com

Southern shores of Le Morne, Mauritius

Le Morne, Mauritius, a UNESCO World Heritage site, sits on the windy southwestern corner of Mauritius and has a storied past. The peninsula that juts out to the west features a single 556-meter monolith on the tip, which can be clearly seen from Flic en Flac Beach, and is surrounded by shallow lagoons.Read the rest

Southwest Mauritius Nature Tour Part 2 by JetSettingFools.com

Southwest Mauritius Nature Tour: Part 2

Continued from Southwest Mauritius Tour: Part 1

After a shaky start of our Southwest Mauritius Tour, we were finally beginning to relax. The first two sights didn’t live up to the hype, but our stop at Grand Bassin was just enough culture and beauty to put us back in the right mindset.… Read the rest

Statues honoring deities at Hindu Temple Grand Bassin in Mauritius

Southwest Mauritius Tour: Part 1

While we could have spent every day of our two weeks in Flic en Flac, Mauritius on the beach, we had an urge to see what was beyond the coastline. The distant mountains covered in lush vegetation beckoned us for a visit.… Read the rest

A Hindu Seaside Festival on Mauritius JetSetting Fools

A Hindu seaside festival on Mauritius

One of the things we’ve enjoyed most about Flic en Flac, Mauritius is the fact that the locals are so visible, especially on the beach. It really shouldn’t come as a shock, but after our time in Southeast Asia where the beaches were void of residents enjoying the beach, it has been a welcome scene to see native people – not just tourists – able to enjoy the beauty that surrounds them.Read the rest

Evergreen trees at Flic en Flac Beach in Mauritius

Two sides of Flic en Flac, Mauritius: Resort and local

Flic en Flac, Mauritius is the ninth beach we’ve stayed on during our journey and if I was asked to pick a favorite one, I couldn’t do it. Each place has been so incredibly unique, with the only commonality being the vista of a coastline.Read the rest

View from Sugar Beach in Flic en Flac to Le Morne on Mauritius

Mauritius an Island Paradise

Ahhh, back to island life…in record time, too! We left Koh Lanta, Thailand, spent two nights in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, two nights in Perth, Australia and then landed in Flic en Flac  – and we’ve quickly discovered Mauritius is an island paradise.Read the rest