Sunrise on Leg 3 of our Epic Travel Day

Flying Standby on Connecting Flights: An epic travel day

4 flights. 4 countries. 40 hours. Starting with a 4:00am wake up call, we made the journey from Hobart to Zagreb flying standby on connecting flights in what ranks as our most epic travel day ever.

Window view of airplane wing taken while flying standby on connecting flights

When we made plans to go to Croatia after Australia, I didn’t consider how we would get there; Kris is in charge of travel details.… Read the rest

Preparing for Australia: Spending the entire day at the airport isn't so bad with passes to the Club and views of the planes

Preparing for travel: A packing conundrum & flight plans

Before we left on our Round the World journey, I spent months agonizing over my hefty to-do lists, even making lists for my lists. I thought of every possible scenario and created a plan to overcome it. As it turned out, my planning paid off and we encountered few hiccups on our trip.… Read the rest

getting to Florence, Oregon via Route 126

Getting to Florence, Oregon

Summer is in full swing and hopping on flights as stand-by passengers to navigate our way around the United States hasn’t been as easy as we thought it would be. Getting stuck in the Philadelphia was just the beginning. To get from Columbus, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona, we had to fly east to go west with a connection in Washington DC.… Read the rest

An airport surprise: Proof of onward travel

As much as we plan for our travel days, we never seem quite prepared for the level of concentration it requires (read: we’re completely checked out). Our newfound rhythm is disrupted. Everything we’ve unpacked has to be squeezed back into our packs.… Read the rest