Spa Day and an Opera in Budapest: Opera House from outisde

Affordable experiences in Budapest: Spa, Opera, Dinner

Budapest is a big city. It is full of iconic sights, bridges and interesting neighborhoods – and a lot of walking in between. There are a plethora of cafes to get us going in the morning and bars that keep us out late at night.… Read the rest

A stroll through history Sydney Australia JetSetting Fools

A stroll through Sydney’s history

We didn’t have a plan or set destination as we headed into Sydney for a third day of exploration.  We had ambitiously seen Sydney’s major sights on our first day with a self-guided walking tour and spent our second day at the Sydney Harbour (on a budget!).Read the rest

One-Day Itinerary for Sydney Australia A Self Guided Walking Tour

One day itinerary for Sydney: A self-guided walking tour

When we flew into Sydney, Australia, we headed straight for Bondi Beach for a week of coastal living. In that time, my anticipation of exploring the sights of Sydney had built to the point of beyond ecstatic. The handy ‘Official Sydney Guide’ that I picked up from the airport outlined several self-guided walking tours that would show off the best of the city.… Read the rest