Preparing for Australia: Spending the entire day at the airport isn't so bad with passes to the Club and views of the planes

Preparing for travel: A packing conundrum & flight plans

Before we left on our Round the World journey, I spent months agonizing over my hefty to-do lists, even making lists for my lists. I thought of every possible scenario and created a plan to overcome it. As it turned out, my planning paid off and we encountered few hiccups on our trip.… Read the rest

What I packed to travel the world

One year, One backpack: What I packed to travel the world

On the day that we left for our ‘Round the World trip, I was less than confident about what was packed to travel the world. I had researched, made a concise list and had been collecting items for almost six months, but I waited until three days before leaving to actually put it all together inside my bag.… Read the rest

The Packing Adventure: Packing for a RTW trip

I knew from the start that packing for a RTW trip was going to be an adventure within itself. I’m a packrat. I’m Princess (only because my mother is Queen) of packing things “Just in Case” – mini-Tide stain stick, a whistle, an eyelash curler, a copious number of ziplock bags, just to name a few.Read the rest