Iceland in Wintertime Vik Black Sand Beach JetSettingFools

Iceland in Wintertime: A photo essay

We were in Iceland for less than 100 hours – 98 hours, to be exact. In that time, I managed to click the shutter on my camera more than 2000 times. I try to practice self-restraint, but with the beauty of Iceland in wintertime, I had zero willpower.… Read the rest

Perast Montenegro Island JetSeting Fools

Best of 2015: Our 20 favorite Instagram Photos

As we close out 2015 and head into the new year, we can’t help but look back at our previous 12 months of travel – and we’re doing so by looking through our favorite Instagram photos of 2015.

We started the year in Italy, bounced through the Balkans and Eastern Europe, made a quick stop in Dublin and experienced London with our first housesitting assignment.… Read the rest