Budget Santiago Food: Fuente Alemana Lomito and Zunino Chilean Empanadas by JetSettingFools.com

Budget Santiago Food: Fuente Alemana Lomito and Zunino Chilean Empanadas

Chile is a diverse country…and Chilean cuisine is equally varied. Heavily favored to the region’s natural resources, traditional Chilean food carries the influence of the nation’s European immigrants. The Chile food culture differs from north to south, but in the sprawling capital city of Santiago, visitors can sample the most popular foods in Chile.… Read the rest

Undurraga Winery JetSetting Fools

Drink Wine Tuesday: Undurraga Winery and Torremotos

If Saturday was ‘Get Stuff Done Day,’ then I proclaim today to be ‘Drink Wine Tuesday.’ It’s no secret that we’ve long had a love affair with red wine and no better place in South America to have such love than in Chile.Read the rest

Cerro San Cristobal Santiago de Chile JetSetting Fools

Cerro San Cristobal in Santiago

On the north side of Centro in the sweet Bellavista neighborhood stands Cerro San Cristobal in Santiago, part of the Parque Metropolitano de Santiago. Promising spectacular views on a sunny, clear day, we couldn’t wait to get to the top.Read the rest

Barrio Brasil in Santiago de Chile JetSetting Fools

Barrio Brasil in Santiago

Sunday afternoons are either the perfect time or worst time to walk the streets of Barrio Brasil in Santiago, depending on the objective. Simply want to stroll the tree-lined streets, sit in a plaza or park and see several beautiful churches from the outside?… Read the rest

Santiago de Chile Parks by JetSettingFools.com

Santiago de Chile parks

Santiago is the largest city on our journey thus far, and the first few hours were spent processing the change of pace and getting acquainted to our new concrete surroundings. Despite (what feels like) all the people and the constant, horn-honking traffic, in our first 30 hours we’ve had success navigating the massive metropolis. Not only have we wandered through a few of the innercity Santiago de Chile parks, we’ve also taken in some historic sights.… Read the rest