Make the Most of a Layover in Munich

Make the Most of a Layover in Munich

When I traveled through Europe in 2000, I passed through Munich three times…yet, I never left the train station. The European trip, which I made with my mom and aunt, was a spontaneous one and a few missteps had us slightly zigzagging through countries.… Read the rest

One day in Amsterdam Self-Guided Walking Tour: 15 sights to see

Amsterdam is a city that is both historic and progressive, elegant and bawdy. There are 17th-century canals and trendy cannabis coffeeshops. Grand, gabled houses line the streets, while a neon glow eminates from the Red Light District. Bicycles outnumber the human population and the city’s long history of beer is being revolutionized by craft brewers.… Read the rest

A Self-Guided Walking Tour to Sights in Madrid Spain

10 sights: A self-guided walking tour to sights in Madrid

Twice before we have visited Madrid on quick, less-than-24-hour layovers. Both times, we dashed through the city to see as many sights in Madrid as we could. On this trip we had more time – but still only two days – and we were anxious to show our visiting friends to the best sights in Madrid.… Read the rest

Singapore Marina Bay self-guided walking tour

Singapore Marina Bay self-guided walking tour – Part 2 in a series

We had three days to explore Singapore. Setting out on foot each day, we completed three different walking tours: Singapore Downtown sights, Marina Bay and Chinatown, Temples and Clark Quay.… Read the rest