Zurich Self-Guided Walking Tour Switzerland JetSettingFools.com

Zurich Self-Guided Walking Tour

Our two-day detour to Zurich, Switzerland was more about meeting up with longtime friends than it was about visiting the city itself. However, that didn’t keep us from discovering the best sights of the Zurich Old Town! We devised a Zurich self-guided walking tour that would take us through the pristine city, down the shopping lanes, to a few churches and viewpoints  – while still allowing enough time for lunch, chocolates and a couple beers.… Read the rest

Dublin, Ireland Self-Guided Walking Tour JetSettingFools.com

Dublin, Ireland self-guided walking tour

When I think about things to do in Dublin, the first thing that comes to mind is pubs. We could have easily spent our three days in Dublin doing nothing more than downing pints of Guinness goodness (it really tastes better in Dublin, Ireland).… Read the rest

Zadar Self-Guided Walking Tour 24 Sights To See JetSettingFools.com

Zadar self-guided walking tour: 24 sights to see

Before we arrived in Zadar, we felt sorry for it. After our three-week stay in idyllic Rovinj, we thought our next destination would surely disappoint. The fact that we were trading in one seaside town perched on a peninsula for another made us think we would easily draw comparisons and, in our minds, nothing could beat Rovinj.… Read the rest

A Walk in London to Westminster Sights JetSettingFools.com

Westminster sights: a self-guided walk in London

London is massive on just about every definable scale: size, history, culture. We broke up our sightseeing by neighborhood, starting in the most iconic area: The City of Westminster. With Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Parliament, we had a full day of Westminster sights to see.… Read the rest

One-Day Itinerary Barcelona See The CIty on Foot JetSettingFools.com

One-day itinerary Barcelona: See the city on foot

In our One-Day Itinerary Barcelona, we walked the Ramblas, explored the waterfront, trekked to Barceloneta, strolled through a park, visited the impressive Santa Maria del Mar church and wandered the alleys of La Ribera and Barri Gothic. Our One-Day Itinerary of Barcelona is, perhaps, a little aggressive, covering eight miles on foot, but it hits all the highlights of the city. 

One-day Itinerary Barcelona

The Ramblas

What was once a drainage ditch is now a wide, pedestrian path extending from Placa de Catalunya to the Waterfront.… Read the rest

Cape Town Self-Guided Walking Tour South Africa JetSettingFools.com

Cape Town self-guided walking tour

Cape Town has a bright and colorful city center. The city has beautiful architecture, nearby nature and a lively entertainent district on the water. we opted for a Cape Town self-guided walking tour of the city center so that we could move on our own two feet and get a real feel for the city.… Read the rest

Perth Self-Guided Walking Tour A One-Day Itinerary JetSettingFools.com

Perth self-guided walking tour: a one-day itinerary

We skipped south from Kuala Lumpur to the Land Down Unda for another quick stop in Perth before moving on to the island of Mauritius. We only had one full day in Perth, but with the sights clustered in the city center – and the free public transportation –  it was easy to create a Perth self-guided walking tour that took us to all of the sights.… Read the rest

One-Day Itinerary for Sydney Australia A Self Guided Walking Tour JetSettingFools.com

One day itinerary for Sydney: A self-guided walking tour

When we flew into Sydney, Australia, we headed straight for Bondi Beach for a week of coastal living. In that time, my anticipation of exploring the sights of Sydney had built to the point of beyond ecstatic. The handy ‘Official Sydney Guide’ that I picked up from the airport outlined several self-guided walking tours that would show off the best of the city.… Read the rest

One Day Auckland Itinerary A Self Guided Walking Tour JetSettingFools.com

One day Auckland itinerary: self-guided walking tour

In comparison to the places we visited around the world, Auckland is brand spankin’ new. The oldest buildings date back to the 1840s and even then most of the downtown area has gone through a major overhaul to create sleek and shiny reused spaces. In our do-it-yourself style, we created a one day Auckland itinerary and self-guided walking tour to get a taste of what Auckland has to offer.… Read the rest