Siem Reap Temples A Guide to Visiting the Temples of Angkor by

Siem Reap Temples: A Guide to Visiting the Temples of Angkor

Visiting Angkor Wat was the main reason for our first trip to Cambodia, although the stop wasn’t originally on our Southeast Asia itinerary. We made a last-minute decision to visit the famous Siem Reap temples when traveling from Vietnam to Thailand.… Read the rest

Southeast Asia Travel Budget and 6 Month Budget Review JetSetting Fools

Southeast Asia travel budget (and six month budget review)

Sticking to our budget is key for traveling long term, so we’ve limited ourselves to an average of $100 per day for accommodation, food, drinks, public transportation and any miscellaneous costs that pop up (and they always do). The only thing that takes precedence over the budget is whether or not we’re enjoying the journey.… Read the rest

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam JetSetting Fools

Zoning out on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

“What’s that noise?” I ask Kris. “Nothing,” he tells me. Nothing but the gentle waves rolling onto the beach just outside our front door and the occasional fishing boat chugging by. Those are the only pre-dawn noises we heard on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.… Read the rest

Touring Vietnam's Central Highlands by

Touring Vietnam’s Central Highlands

When the first stop while touring Vietnam’s Central Highlands was at a ‘cricket farm’ for a taste of the fried critters, it clearly set the tone for the day. As promised, this was not going to be like any other tour in Vietnam.… Read the rest

Cruising Halong Bay Vietnam JetSetting Fools

Cruising Halong Bay, Vietnam – Day 3

Continued from Exploring Halong Bay (Day 2)

Cruising Halong Bay, Vietnam: Tai Chi

On our second morning of cruising Halong Bay, Vietnam, we woke up slightly bleary-eyed and with unsettled stomachs (aka hangovers), but refused to succumb to the self-inflicted pain.… Read the rest

Exploring Halong Bay Vietnam JetSetting Fools

Exploring Halong Bay: Halong Bay cruise – Day 2

Continued from Cruising Halong Bay Cruise – Day 1

Soft morning light was filtering through the window of our cabin and I quickly rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I remembered where I was: on a junk boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam.… Read the rest

Wandering the Streets of Hanoi, Vietnam JetSetting Fools

Seeing the sights: Wandering the streets of Hanoi

From the moment we arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam, we felt like we had entered another world. The constant street motion and horn honking was both captivating and intimidating. Overwhelmed, we decided to see the sights by wandering the streets of Hanoi.… Read the rest

Preparing for Southeast Asia

Preparing for Southeast Asia

Our journey around the world to this point has been pretty smooth sailing, even more so since we arrived in the English-speaking, first-world countries of New Zealand and Australia. Our three week long stay at a beach resort, coupled with the arrival of our vacationing friend, put us on auto-pilot mode.… Read the rest