Temporary summertime Ohio residents: Hocking Hills State Park

Temporary summertime Ohio residents

We chose Dublin, Ohio – my home town – as our home base for our U.S. Family and Friends Summer tour for two reasons: first, because we have so many of our family and friends living in the area and second, because my mom let us stash the few possessions we don’t carry with us in my childhood bedroom – and she let us reclaim that room as living quarters without charging rent.… Read the rest

Roadtripping, Part One Scenic Skyway to Agassiz Peak JetSetting Fools

Roadtripping, Part One: Scenic Skyway to Agassiz Peak

Heading north out of the Valley of the Sun I felt a strong sense of adventure and excitement. It was our first road trip in nearly two years and we were kicking it off in true road trip fashion: No time frame, good tunes and a like-minded crew.… Read the rest