Sunsets in Rovinj, Croatia

Sunsets in Rovinj, Croatia

We’ve become sunset junkies in Rovinj. Regardless of which daytime activities we partake in – swimming, boating, hiking, biking and/or touring around Istria – we know we’ll end our day watching the sun go down. Whether the glowing sphere slips, uninterrupted, into the horizon or if clouds shift the light into varying shades of orange and pink, the sunsets in Rovinj don’t disappoint.… Read the rest

Koh Lanta Sunsets JetSetting Fools

Koh Lanta sunsets: A photo essay

We’ve spent two weeks on the west coast of Koh Lanta and have watched the sun set over the sea every single day. Sometimes we recline in beach loungers and sip on cocktails made with fresh juice, other times we grab a few beers from the corner market and plop down in the sand.Read the rest

Sunset on the Gold Coast, Australia: A Photo essay JetSetting Fools

Sunset on the Gold Coast, Australia: A Photo essay

Since we arrived in Coolangatta, Australia, more than one afternoon has been spent on the beach; my nose stuck in a book and Kris watching surfers at Snapper Rocks and scanning the horizon for whales.

Clouds move quickly across the sky and their shadows pass just as rapidly over the water, altering the hues.Read the rest