3 must-see Temples in Chiang Mai, Thailand JetSettingFools.com

3 must-see temples in Chiang Mai Old City

Chiang Mai, Thailand is a sprawling city that was first established in the late 13th century. The historic Old City was once a walled city with gates and a moat for protection. Designed as a square, the layout features a grid of roads and numerous sois (alleys) connecting them.… Read the rest

Southwest Mauritius Tour JetSetting Fools

Southwest Mauritius Tour: Part 1

While we could have spent every day of our two weeks in Flic en Flac, Mauritius on the beach, we had an urge to see what was beyond the coastline. The distant mountains covered in lush vegetation beckoned us for a visit.… Read the rest

Kuala Lumpur in 36 hours JetSettingFools.com

Kuala Lumpur in 36 hours

Our time in Kuala Lumpur was more of a long layover than an actual stop on our journey and we only had one full day to explore the city. As much as I would have liked to create an ambitious one-day itinerary, we actually had a few things we also needed to get done.… Read the rest

Buddhism in Chiang Mai Thailand JetSetting Fools

Signs of Buddhism in Chiang Mai, Thailand

It would be nearly impossible to visit Chiang Mai without noticing the strong connection the residents have with Buddhism in Chiang Mai. Besides all the temples, almost every house, shop, café, hotel and even street corner has a ‘spirit house’ where daily offerings of food, drink, flowers and incense are placed for loved ones who have passed away.Read the rest

Chiang Mai on a budget Monks, Markets and Menus JetSettingFools.com

Chiang Mai on a budget: monks, markets and menus

We are seriously kicking back, relaxing and giving our budget a rest in Chiang Mai, which is a pretty easy place to do it. Our preferred location for our walkabouts is within the Old City walls through the web of narrow sois (alleys), past an endless number of temples, shops and cafes.… Read the rest

Visiting Chiang Mai Temples Doi Suthep and Doi Kham JetSettingFools.com

Visiting Chiang Mai temples: Doi Suthep and Doi Kham

We’ve heard that there are about 30 temples inside the old city walls – and as we’ve been doing little in Chiang Mai except getting lost in the maze of the old city streets, it seems like we’ve almost found them all.… Read the rest

Angkor Temple Tour Beyond the Big 3 JetSettingFools.com

Angkor Temple Tour Trail: Beyond the big 3

Our first day on the Angkor Temple Tour Trail took us to the Big Three: Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm, but there is more to see at the UNESCO World Heritage  Angkor Archaeological Park than just those.

We routed out a self-guided tour based on the ‘Big Circuit’ and ignored some of the suggested itineraries and ‘best times to visit’ as a way to attempt to escape the crowds.Read the rest

Visiting the Tmeples of Angkor Wat Cambodia JetSettingFools.com

Visiting the Temples of Angkor

Visiting the Temples of Angkor was the main reason for our trip to Siem Reap and we got to it straight away. Through our hotel, we booked a tuk-tuk and a personal guide for a 7:30am departure and prepared fora full day of visiting the Temples of Angkor.Read the rest

Singapore Chinatown Self-Guided Walking Tour JetSettingFools.com

Singapore Chinatown self-guided walking tour

Singapore Chinatown self-guided walking tour – Part 3 in a series

We had three days to explore Singapore. Setting out on foot each day, we completed three walks in Singapore: Singapore Downtown sights, Marina Bay and Singapore Chinatown Self-Guided Walking Tour. An ambitious person could link the three tours together for one long day of Singapore exploration! 

Singapore Chinatown Walking Tour

A tour of Singapore isn’t complete without a trip to Chinatown!… Read the rest

A Walk in Johor Bahru, Malaysia by JetSettingFools.com

A walk in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

When we first decided to stay across the border north of Singapore in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we thought it would just be a place to sleep and we would make the commute into the city each day. Johor Bahru, JB for short, is a little gritty, like Jersey to New York City.… Read the rest