Taking the Scenic Train in Slovenia Bohinj Railway JetSettingFools.com

Riding the Rails: Scenic Train in Slovenia

For most people, the purpose of taking a train is to get from Point A to Point B. However, when there is a train that navigates through stunning landscapes, the sole reason for riding the rails can simply be for the scenery that passes by the window.… Read the rest

Train to Budapest: Watching the tracks as we traveled from Ljubljana to Budapest.

Ljubljana to Budapest Train: Riding the Rails

After our laid back two-week stay in Ljubljana, we wanted to travel by train from Ljubljana to Budapest. Even though we’ve been in Europe now for almost five months, our travel by train has been very limited. We purchased our tickets at the Ljubljana Railway Station a few days before we departed and were simultaneously excited and dismayed.… Read the rest

Day trip to Gallipoli, Italy: A walking tour to 10 sights

The last three cities we’ve stayed in have been landlocked (Seville, Madrid and Lecce) and it had been far too long since we’ve seen the sea. From Lecce, the Ionian and Adriatic Seas are just a short (and inexpensive) one hour train ride away, so we headed west to the Ionian Sea for a day trip to Gallipoli, Italy.… Read the rest

Scenic Railway from Kuranda to Cairns Australia JetSetting Fools

The Scenic Railway from Kuranda to Cairns

After our day in Kuranda, we had a few options for getting back to the city, but the most appealing to us was the Scenic Railway from Kuranda to Cairns. The train meanders through the world heritage-listed rainforest, clinging to the side of the mountain for the two hour journey down 37 km of track carrying passengers in the original, creaking, wooden cars.Read the rest

One Day in St. Jean de Luz

One Day in St. Jean de Luz

We have heard more than once that the French Basque are more French than Basque and on our one day in St. Jean de Luz, we noticed it right away. St. Jean de Luz just felt French. From their squares filled with elderly women all dressed up to chat with friends to the chocolate and macaroon shops that line the streets to typical French waiters.… Read the rest

from Hondarribia to St. Jean De Luz JetSetting Fools

Getting from Hondarribia to St. Jean de Luz

Getting fromHondarribia to St. Jean de Luz map

I popped into the Hondarribia TI on the main square of the upper town to ask a simple question: How do we get from Hondarribia to St. Jean De Luz, a town just 12 miles away on the French side of Basque Country.… Read the rest