2-Night Halong Bay Cruise in Vietnam

2-Night Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi, Vietnam

My desire to visit Vietnam was ignited the first time I glimpsed a photograph of Halong Bay. It countered the image of Vietnam I had conjured in my head; the one where chaotic streets are overcrowded with motorbikes and stifled with pollution.… Read the rest

2-Week Vietnam Itinerary JetsettingFools.com

2-Week Vietnam Itinerary

Vietnam ranks as one of the most fascinating countries we have ever visited. For a country half the size of Texas, it packs a punch with buzzing cities, natural wonders, historic temples, mountain retreats and beach island getaways. If you are limited on time, but intent on getting a sweeping view of Vietnam, our 2-week Vietnam Itinerary is for you.… Read the rest

Southeast Asia Travel Budget and 6 Month Budget Review JetSetting Fools

Southeast Asia travel budget (and six month budget review)

Sticking to our budget is key for traveling long term, so we’ve limited ourselves to an average of $100 per day for accommodation, food, drinks, public transportation and any miscellaneous costs that pop up (and they always do). The only thing that takes precedence over the budget is whether or not we’re enjoying the journey.… Read the rest

Budget for Phu Quoc Vietnam JetSetting Fools

Budget for Phu Quoc, Vietnam: Affordable Luxury

Vietnam, as a country, is affordable. At least more affordable than any other country we have traveled to so far on our journey. We weren’t sure what to budget for Phu Quoc, Vietnam – an island off the southern tip of the country.Read the rest

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam JetSetting Fools

Zoning out on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

“What’s that noise?” I ask Kris. “Nothing,” he tells me. Nothing but the gentle waves rolling onto the beach just outside our front door and the occasional fishing boat chugging by. Those are the only pre-dawn noises we heard on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.… Read the rest

Sightseeing in Dalat, Vietnam 6 Sights to See JetSetting Fools

Sightseeing in Dalat, Vietnam: 6 things to see

When we chose a four-day stopover in Dalat as part of our three-week journey through Vietnam, we did it based on a single reason: the promise of cool, mountain weather. We didn’t care about the sights or tours or food, we just wanted to escape the heat.… Read the rest

Visiting a Vietnam Village in the Central Highlands

Visiting a Vietnam village in the Central Highlands

Continued from Touring Vietnam’s Central Highlands

The next stop on our tour of Vietnam’s Central Highlands was visiting a Vietnam village; the one our guide grew up in. We turned off the main road and bounced and bumped our way along the narrow path until simple, shack homes came into view.… Read the rest

Touring Vietnam's Central Highlands by JetSettingFools.com

Touring Vietnam’s Central Highlands

When the first stop while touring Vietnam’s Central Highlands was at a ‘cricket farm’ for a taste of the fried critters, it clearly set the tone for the day. As promised, this was not going to be like any other tour in Vietnam.… Read the rest

Day trip to the Cham Islands, Vietnam by JetSettingFools.com

Day trip to the Cham Islands, Vietnam

Just off the coast of Hoi An, Vietnam are the Cham Islands, which are made up of eight islands. Only the largest, Hon Lao, is inhabited with people. Motorboats race tourists across the nine miles of choppy water for a day trip to the Cham Islands.… Read the rest

First Impressions Hoi An Vietnam JetSetting Fools

First impressions of Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An sits pretty on a lazy river full of fishing boats; historic, fading yellow houses with red-tiled rooftops line the streets of the UNESCO World Heritage city, which is quite the contrast from buzzing Hanoi. Motorbikes still zip through the lanes, but not nearly as many and the vibe is much calmer, overall.… Read the rest