Friends, Futbol and Bar-hopping in Boston: US Men's Soccer vs Haiti at Gillette Stadium

Friends, Futbol and Bar-hopping in Boston

Most of the stops on our U.S. Summer Family and Friends Tour had us feeling slightly out of our element. We weren’t on vacation, but we weren’t working, either. Things were the same, but different. Our two-day stop in Boston, however, was like taking a page out of Weekends From Our Past, complete with friends, a sporting event and bar hopping.… Read the rest

No better way to spend a Sunday in London than on a boat ride down the River Thames.

How to spend a Sunday in London

Tradition, royal, proper. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of London. Keen on experiencing a Sunday in London with those words in mind, we attended a service at Westminster Abbey, sat down to a proper Sunday roast and spent the afternoon voyaging down the River Thames.… Read the rest

Sightseeing in Dalat, Vietnam 6 Sights to See JetSetting Fools

Sightseeing in Dalat, Vietnam: 6 things to see

When we chose a four-day stopover in Dalat as part of our three-week journey through Vietnam, we did it based on a single reason: the promise of cool, mountain weather. We didn’t care about the sights or tours or food, we just wanted to escape the heat.… Read the rest

Day Trip to Surfers Paradise from Coolangatta Australia JetSetting Fools

Day trip to Surfers Paradise from Coolangatta

From Coolangatta Beach, looking north across the water, the skyline of Surfers Paradise is clearly defined. The Q1 Building is the most recognizable as it pierces the sky at 230 meters. After spending a week in Cooly, it was high time we took a day trip to Surfers Paradise from Coolangatta to check out the oceanfront skyscrapers that give a big city feel to the Gold Coast.Read the rest

Bondi Farmer's Market Australia JetSetting Fools

Bondi Farmer’s Market on a windy day

The wind was howling and the skies over the beach were a blanket of darkness, but the Bondi Farmer’s Market promised to be open rain or shine. Despite the conditions, we walked the coastline trail into town and watched as the massive waves crashed onto the shore, turning the turquoise clear waters into white foam.… Read the rest

A Sunday in Wellington, New Zealand at Te Papa Museum JetSetting Fools

Sunday market and Te Papa Museum in Wellington

On our last full day in Wellington we wanted to roam the city. We no longer needed to look at a map, we knew our way around. We didn’t, however, know where we were going. It was a Sunday and rainstorms were threatening, so things were a little quieter than we’d seen them during the week.Read the rest

Exploring Punta del Diablo Uruguay JetSetting Fools

Exploring Punta del Diablo

I stepped off the 4-hour bus ride from Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, directly into the different world of Punta del Diablo. Within seconds, I fell head over heels in love. I could hear the roaring ocean on my right, which, since many of the dirt roads don’t have street signs, would serve as a compass for the next two weeks while exploring Punta del Diablo.… Read the rest

Oak Creek Canyon Detour JetSetting Fools

Roadtripping, Part Three: Oak Creek Canyon detour

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The morning after a pub crawl is never greeted bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and our morning after the Flagstaff Ale Trail was no exception. What was worse was the daunting task of the road trip south on I-17 back to Phoenix.… Read the rest

Roadtripping, Part Two: The Flagstaff Ale Trail pub crawl JetSetting Fools

Roadtripping, Part Two: The Flagstaff Ale Trail pub crawl

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Our interest in locally crafted beer is what led us to the Flagstaff Ale Trail pub crawl. The official $6 Passport isn’t necessary, but it does offer discounts, introduces you to places you might not otherwise go, supports the local community and, besides all that, you get a fun, stamped souvenir.… Read the rest

Roadtripping, Part One Scenic Skyway to Agassiz Peak JetSetting Fools

Roadtripping, Part One: Scenic Skyway to Agassiz Peak

Heading north out of the Valley of the Sun I felt a strong sense of adventure and excitement. It was our first road trip in nearly two years and we were kicking it off in true road trip fashion: No time frame, good tunes and a like-minded crew.… Read the rest