Slovenian Wine Highway

Slovenian Wine Highway: Cross-Country Wine Tasting

Slovenia is not a big country; it roughly measures the size of the state of New Jersey. Shaped like a chicken facing east, the nation is wedged into the space between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Although it doesn’t have a large landmass, it certainly has diverse landscapes: towering mountains, crystal-clear lakes, vibrant and historic cities, a dramatic coastline, massive caves, wide open farmland and hundreds of vineyards.… Read the rest

Visit 3 Cape Town Wineries Without A Car

Visit 3 Cape Town wineries without a car (while on a budget)

It’s no secret we like our wine, but we are far from connoisseurs. Still, a trip to Cape Town wouldn’t be complete without visiting a few of the wineries that are practically within the city limits. Since we don’t drive, we needed to find a way to visit Cape Town wineries without a car.… Read the rest

Santa Barbara California Wine Oreana JetSetting Fools

Weekend Wine Down: Santa Barbara day trip

My eyes flutter open and I see, even through our blackout curtains, that it is already getting light outside. I glance at the clock – it’s 5:24 a.m. Our alarm clock will go off in 6 minutes. For most nine-to-fivers this would be criminal on a Saturday morning, but I’m stoked.… Read the rest