Christmas in Zagreb, Croatia Celebrating Advent

Christmas in Zagreb, Croatia: Celebrating Advent

As the crisp air brightens my cheeks and little puffs of breath escape from my mouth, I inhale the scent of sizzling meat being cooked to perfection. The tantalizing aroma drifts on a light breeze from cheerfully decorated wooden huts and I wonder how many minutes will pass by until we succumb to buying a sausage.… Read the rest

We loved Zagreb: St. Mark's Square

5 Reasons why we loved Zagreb, Croatia

We’re having trouble pinpointing exactly what it was about Zagreb, Croatia that made us fall for the city, but we think the truth of it is that there were many things that contributed to why we loved Zagreb.

We loved Zagreb: The city lights up at night

#1. We loved Zagreb because we didn’t feel like tourists

Perhaps it was the ordinary life happening all around us.… Read the rest

6 Parks in Zagreb, Croatia

7 Parks in Zagreb, Croatia

Our recent travels have taken us to quite a few old walled cities with little green space. A trip to Plitvice Lakes cured our craving for nature, but that didn’t mean we weren’t stoked to find 7 parks in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city. In addition to strolling the historic streets to see the sites in Zagreb original towns, Gradec and Kaptol, we found green spaces throughout the city.… Read the rest

Nova Runda Craft Brewery American Pale Ale

Nova Runda Craft Brewery in Zagreb

We’re going to let you in on a not-so-little secret: We like beer. And, we love craft beer. And right now, Nova Runda craft brew from Zagreb, Croatia is pretty high on our list.

Nova Runda Craft Brewery American Pale Ale

During our 11 months of travel, we’ve tried a hefty number of brews around the world.… Read the rest

A view of Krapina, Croatia.

Day trip to Krapina from Zagreb

With ample time in Zagreb, we connected with the Croatian Tourist Board to obtain more information than our Zagreb-in-a-Day guidebook provided. Our eyes were opened to places we hadn’t even heard of and, in addition to seeing the sights of Gradec and Kaptol, we quickly filled our remaining calendar with nearby parks, a quick trip to Samobor and a full day trip to Krapina and Varazdin in northern Croatia.… Read the rest

Jelacic Square, the Cathedral and Kaptol at night - Zagreb, Croatia.

4 Kaptol, Zagreb sights to see

Zagreb, Croatia’s history dates back to the year 1850 with the joining of two medieval towns, Gradec and Kaptol, which date back to the 13th and 11th centuries, respectively. The towns at one time were separated by a river that was diverted when the towns merged, making a clear distinction between the two difficult now.… Read the rest

Gradec: St. Mark's Square - Zagreb, Croatia

5 Gradec, Zagreb sights to see

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, pulses with life. It has all the tell-tale signs of a European city: rich in history, beautiful architecture, a plethora of cafes and a humming public transportation network. The city long ago merged from two medieval cities, Gradec and Kaptol, creating what is today’s center.… Read the rest

Church of St. Anastasia (Crkva Sv. Anastazije)

Day trip to Samobor

The more we learn about Zagreb, Croatia and the encompassing area, the more we want to see of it. After spending the weekend in the central city observing the markets, indulging in the cafes and being energized by city life, we set out on Monday afternoon for a day trip to Samobor.… Read the rest

Visiting Zagreb, Croatia: A view of St. Mark's Square from the Zagreb Eye

Visiting Zagreb: A metropolitan city in Croatia

There’s just something about a capital city; a palpable energy. People dressed in business attire walk with purpose, there is constant movement of public transportation, and a sense of real life is happening all around us. And, so it is true with visiting Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.… Read the rest