Cerro Cristobal, Santiago, Chile

Sarah & Kris, Santiago, Chile


About JetSetting Fools

We are Sarah and Kris, better known as JetSetting Fools. We became full-time globetrotters in April 2014 and we plan to continue traveling the world into the foreseeable future.

As JetSetting Fools what we value most is our travel experiences. We, of course, like to see the top sights of any destination we travel to, but we do not travel to simply mark off a checklist. We like to feel the vibe of a place.

For our readers, we provide travel stories, information, advice and tips on sights and walking tours, but include off-the-beaten-path adventures, history and culture along the way. We often veer away from mainstream tourism and in the direction of ‘real life’ seeking local experiences and traditional fare.

We are intent on navigating the corners of the earth to discover places we never knew existed, interact with fascinating cultures and meet extraordinary people. Rather than fearing the unknown, we want to embrace it. We are pushing the limits of our comfort zone and expanding our boundaries in order to live a life more fulfilled.


How JetSetting Fools Was Born

After we got married, we felt like a square peg in the round hole of American society. Contrary to the norm, having children, mortgages and car payments were never something we wanted. Bigger, better and more material possessions never appealed to us the way that new experiences and foreign countries did.

Our careers, however, were right in line with American ideology: work hard, work harder, work until it absolutely consumes you…then escape for the weekend or a week at a time…before getting right back to it. In our day-to-day life, we felt unfilled; or rather completely filled with the wrong things. Our week-long trips to Europe and weekend trips to the beach became what we lived for.


So, we decided to redefine the way we travel.

The concept of JetSetting Fools was born in a beachside bar over a pitcher of beer. We talked about creating a life from which escape wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t that we were unhappy…we just weren’t as fulfilled as we knew we could be. We felt there was something missing; something more for us.

“What if we moved to another state and started all over?”

“What if we moved to another country?”

“What if we saved enough money so that we could quit our jobs and travel full-time?”

The idea was so refreshing; so obvious. For us, the reward was greater than the risk. We made a plan, saved our money and swapped out our corporate-ladder-climbing careers for a life of travel.


JetSettingFools Travel Style

Sometimes we feel like an anomaly; we appeal to a wide range of travelers. Our travel style maximizes local experiences without missing any major sights. We are on a budget, but not cheap. We travel slowly, but never stay long enough to put down roots. We are not 20-somethings or 65+, but square in the middle.

We carry backpacks, but we are not backpackers. We don’t sleep in tents or hostels, but find apartments through Airbnb or homes through Trusted Housesitters. That being said, we are not averse to spending the night in an airport, if need be...well, as long as there’s free wifi.

We don’t dine luxuriously, but we eat well and never forego the opportunity to taste local fare. Going to the market or grocery store elicits more excitement than visiting most museums. We always find room in our budget to sample craft brew and wine, but clubbing is not our style.

We love city life, but equally crave connecting with nature. We are happy pounding the pavement, strolling cobblestone lanes, riding on dusty country roads, hiking mountain trails or squishing sand between our toes - as long as we are traveling the world.

We have a glass half full mentality…and our glass is refillable. The world is big and we are out living in it! Here’s to life!


Since we started traveling, we've been fortunate to have others share our story.

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28 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Aaliyah

    Your story sounds amazing and would love to do the same thing however nervous of the cost to travel full-time. One who is hesitant of taking the leap, I’d like to know how much you would recommend saving before doing something like this. And, are you freelancing while you travel to all of these countries? I’m the person climbing the corporate ladder and at th point of being burnt out. If you prefer to email me directly I’d love to get insight.

    • Hi Aaliyah,
      Great to connect with you. If you haven’t already, you can receive for free our 25 Tips On Saving For Travel by subscribing to our newsletter:) Where you’re planning to travel, in what style and for how long will widely impact how much you would need to save. We monetize through an array of income streams, and yes, freelancing is one of them. One thing for certain, there is no one true path to success in this field. We wish you all the best in achieving your dream of a life of travel!
      Sarah & Kris


    You are great inspiration for me cuz I also want to travel all over the world!!!

  3. Bevore going to Piran, I found your great travel-site!
    Thank you so much, i hope to read of it more and more.
    Happy travels and best greetings,

  4. Kimberly Mitchell Hampton

    Just discovered your blog, thankfully! We are retired 2 years now and travel 3 to 5 big trips a year. We just returned from Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovenia, Venice Italy. It was an awesome trip. Loved Dubrovnik we walked everywhere so beautiful loved the history. Montenegro was a great and wonderful surprise, beautiful country, loved the church. We did not expect such beauty in a country we did not know anything about.
    The other pleasant surprise was the Plitvicka Lakes in Croatia, WOW! The most amazing waterfalls we have ever seen in our lives. Part of Avatar was filmed there. Went on a six plus mile hike thru breath taking waterfalls, rocks, wood walkways, boat ride, great midway place to stop and eat, rest, refuel.
    Venice was an amazing city. St Marks is a must see. Really loved the city when the big cruise ships leave. Cruise ships are ruining the city, too many people. Don’t miss the Murino glass factory, fascinating, what a beautiful craft.

    • Hi Kimberly – Sounds like a fabulous trip! The Balkans are one of our favorite regions in the world (which is why we keep going back!). We especially love visiting in the autumn – a stunning time of year to see it! Where is your next trip taking you? Travel well!

  5. Kurtis & Lisa

    Hey guys! We were fortune enough to share a glass of wine with you on Brac island. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us about your travels. 🙂

  6. James Amoako

    Have you visited Ghana yet? Joyous, memorable and lasting experiences await you to write about and share with the world.

  7. Your travel style seems to be very similar to ours. We love markets and local foods and we travel slow. We prefer to have a base somewhere where we “live for a while” and travel in that area, adn then do it again somewhere else. 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    For sure you must visit Baltic States – somehow you have missed in your travel map 3 really lovely countries (only please visit in summer).

  9. Ronald willer

    Just followed your Zadar, Croatia walking tour and thought it was right up our ally. Pun intended! We are retired Senior’s ,who envy your moxie! Enjoy all that this world has to offer. Good luck. Carroll and Ron

  10. You guys are awesome! So cool to see some of my fellow Americans, getting out there and flexing their Passports! Really inspiring departure from the life people feel forced to live.

  11. Tammy Vig

    Just a comment about your photos–while they are very nice-you could put small text in the corner of the photo just saying where you are in the world. Some of them I recognize and some I don’t. Would be nice to know.

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