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The Americas

Our Maiden Around the World Route in 2014



On our first year-long Around the World Journey, we left the United States and traveled to....

Montevideo, Uruguay - Punta del Diablo, Uruguay - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Bariloche, Argentina - Puerto Varas, Chile - Santiago, Chile - Easter Island, Chile - Moorea, French Polynesia - Auckland, New Zealand - Wellington, New Zealand - Bondi Beach, Australia - Sydney, Australia - Coolangatta, Australia - Cairns, Australia - Brisbane, Australia - Singapore - Hanoi, Vietnam - Halong Bay, Vietnam - Hoi An, Vietnam - Dalat, Vietnam - Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam - Siem Reap, Cambodia - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Koh Lanta, Thailand - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Perth, Australia - Flic en Flac, Mauritius - Cape Town, South Africa - Lisbon, Portugal - Barcelona, Spain - Seville, Spain - Madrid, Spain - Lecce, Italy - Kotor, Montenegro - Dubrovnik, Croatia - Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Split, Croatia - Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - Zagreb, Croatia - Zurich, Switzerland - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Budapest, Hungary - Dublin, Ireland - London, England...and then back to the States.

6 thoughts on “Our Travels

  1. Hi. I’ve been using your blog to plan my solo backpacking holiday. I’m in my mid fifties and still working. So I have less time to head out and see the world. Hopefully i will still be healthy when that time comes…. I’m in zagreb heading towards pula by bus croatia and will also be doing zadar split mostar and sarajevo….. all in the space of 15 days… your guides are the best on the internet.
    It off season now and the crowds are thin…. the only setback for me is not having to talk to anyone over a beer…. I’m too shy to talk to the locals as they are all busy with themselves and their company…..
    Thanks so much for all the tips and guides !!!! I’m following them actively !!!

  2. Mary Lou

    I was reading The Republic this evening and saw your article on Montenegro. And the all important reference to your website. It is wonderful!
    As with Anonymous above my thoughts also abound with your travel stories.
    My husband and I are healthy retired snowbirds and spend winters in Mesa. We have set 2017 as our year to ‘head out’. Unlike yourselves, our means of transportation will be freighter cruise ships.
    I have searched and searched blogs everywhere for guidance on how to do what you are doing.. An approach that gives me confidence. I do believe I have found it in JSF
    Am really curious to know just what you took with you when you set out.. Only a sizeable back pack?
    Travel safely and I will follow you with great interest..

    Thanks for sharing..

    • Hi Mary Lou –
      Thanks for the comment! First, let me tell you how jealous we are of your upcoming travels via freighter ships. We have looked into this style of travel, but have not yet been able to work it into our schedule. It sounds so very exciting!
      As to your question in what I carry: I have one 50L backpack, which weights a little over 30 pounds fully loaded, and I also carry a messenger bag as my carry-on. My best advice on packing is to bring clothes you are comfortable wearing and pack things that layer easily and color coordinate (and YES, bring colorful things – black gets boring!). We prefer backpacks because it leaves our hands free. My jackets and pants all have pockets, which is also important. Eagle Creek packing cubes are expensive, but seriously awesome and we highly recommend them. Prior to traveling full-time, I used to pack my clothes in ziplock bags, which is the same idea behind the cubes, but a much bigger hassle and not nearly as durable.
      Here is a link to a post a wrote after we had completed our ‘Round the World trip regarding my packing and it includes a link to my entire packing list.
      If you have any other questions, just let us know! We’re happy to help. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    An absolute ‘Bravo’.
    I’m on the sun-down side of my sixties and just recently retired and my thoughts abound as I view your travels.

    thanks for sharing, jf

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