Finding the right travel gear for your trip isn't always easy. There are so many factors to consider. While style and comfort are two major factors, budget and durability are equally (if not more!) important.

As budget travelers, it is not always easy to know where to spend your money and where to cut corners. We have made some missteps in the past - like buying cheap shoes, leaky toiletry bottles and inferior personal WiFi devices.

However, we have learned from our mistakes - especially when it comes to our gear.


Quality Travel Gear

In our travels, we have benefitted from investing in quality gear...most of which have proven to be worthy purchases. Featured below are some of the the items we travel with (or have traveled with in the past) - and can highly recommend to fellow travelers! By using these links, we may receive commission.



Luggage is a travel necessity - but it doesn't have to be an enormous expense. What matters most to us when searching for luggage is quality. We spent a little more for name brand luggage - and it has paid off!

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It took us awhile to warm up to the idea of purchasing packing cubes - but now we can't imagine traveling without them! Although the Eagle Creek packing cube sets cost a pretty penny, the durability is exceptional!

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A good pair of travel shoes make all the difference - especially during long days of sightseeing! You don't want to spend your vacation limping around in uncomfortable shoes, so we highly recommend investing in a good travel shoes.

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We used to skimp on travel tech gear; I used a cheap camera and - for a long time - we didn't even own a personal WiFi device. Thankfully, those days are over. Using quality travel tech gear has substantially increased our travel experiences!

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Our biggest splurge on travel toiletries was quality travel-size refillable bottles for liquids - and we don't regret it! Other essentials are sunscreen, sanitizer and immune-boosting vitamins (for all the germs you encounter during travel!).

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