The Packing Adventure: Packing for a RTW trip

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I knew from the start that packing for a RTW trip was going to be an adventure within itself. I’m a packrat. I’m Princess (only because my mother is Queen) of packing things “Just in Case” – mini-Tide stain stick, a whistle, an eyelash curler, a copious number of ziplock bags, just to name a few. On the flip side, I was confident that my 45-liter, 15-year-old Lowe Alpine backpack could handle it.

I have packed this bag for every trip I’ve taken overseas – and long before I owned fancy compression bags and packing cubes. In addition, for this trip, I had actually researched what to pack and made a detailed packing list. The past few months I’ve collected items that were essential and gathered them in my closet. It was only three days before takeoff that I finally put it all together. It was disastrous.

Not only did it not all fit, but it wasn’t making any sense on how I was packing it. All of my toiletry items would not fit in one bag, so I had them spread out into three different bags. Sports bras were in with t-shirts and a few socks were packed with pants, while my swimsuit was squished in with my winter hat and gloves. With this method of packing, coupled with an old-school top-loading backpack, I was sure to be disassembling my entire bag every time I needed a single item.

So, I started over. I pulled everything back out and sorted it how it made sense.

Getting my backpack organized

Getting my backpack organized


Then I brought in every compartmentalized bag that was left in the house after giving away the majority of our possessions. I reorganized and redistributed. After only having to remove one winter scarf – I made it fit. It isn’t particularly pretty, but everything I own now fits into my two carry-on-size bags. Want to read what I’m packing? Click here for my complete list. 

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When packing for a RTW trip, I fit everything I was taking into these two bags!

It all fit!

We want to know: If (When) you were packing for a RTW trip, what would your biggest struggle be? Space? Weight? Which shirt to bring? Tell us in the comments!


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  1. Tracy

    Bon voyage seester! Can’t wait to hear how this all works out! Being the daughter of the Queen of packing I know how hard it was to not pack more!

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