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Choosing The Right Travel Guidebook

Whenever we travel somewhere new, we go armed with a guidebook and, depending on where we are going, it’s either a Lonely Planet travel guide or Rick Steves guidebook. Our travel style doesn’t perfectly align with either, but both are great travel guidebook resources to have on hand when we need them.


Travel Guidebook Resources

Lonely Planet tends to be geared to a younger audience, while Rick Steves often seems to be written for retirees. Both books provide budget-saving tips, as well as a snippet of history and practical information. Lonely Planet books are available for destinations worldwide, while Rick Steves books are only for European cities and countries.

While I do still prefer to have an actual book in my hand (or the torn-out section of the book that I need for a specific place we’re visiting), we have adapted to purchasing the Kindle version of guidebooks. There are pros and cons to the digital guidebook.


Digital Guidebook Pros:

  • No need to carry anything extra – the book is on my iPod, which I carry with me everywhere.
  • Digital books are often less expensive than paper books.


Digital Guidebook Cons:

  • Unlike most eBooks, a guidebook isn’t read from beginning to end. We are constantly flipping through sections to get to the pertinent information when we need it – and navigating an e-guidebook can be utterly frustrating.
  • To use the book, it must be downloaded, which requires a Wi-Fi connection. I’ve often forgotten this step prior to boarding the plane (where I usually do my research!).


Online Travel Resources

We do think having a guidebook is essential for any trip, however, researching online is equally important. Not only can you get current information and tips about destinations, but you can also get customer reviews. We also recommend looking through TripAdvisor as you research your vacation.


For more trip planning information, tips and advice, go to our Travel Planning Page. For country specific information, go to our Travel Guides Page. Travel well!

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