It took us awhile to warm up to the idea of going to Kosovo, but the more we fell in love with the Balkans, the more a trip to Kosovo appealed to us – and our trip to Kosovo didn’t disappoint!

The country is one of the newest (and still disputed) nations in the world. Although not entirely recovered from the late 1990s war, with international help, Kosovo has come a long way. We spent time in the lively capital city of Prishtina and the more historically preserved Prizren. As visitors to Kosovo, we felt challenged (as tourist infrastructure is lacking), but we found the people to be kind and generous.

Kosovo Facts:

Capital City: Prishtina

Country Population: 1.8 Million

Language: Albanian

Useful Words and Phrases: Hello - Përshëndetje  |  Thank You – Faleminderit

Currency:  Euro (EUR) | Current Value

Kosovo Guides:

A Guide to Visiting Prishtina, Kosovo
A Guide to Visiting Prizren, Kosovo

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Kosovo Essentials:

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