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Getting There (and Around)

Our preferred method of getting anywhere is by flying (we are JetSetting Fools, after all!), however there are many places in this world that can't be reached by plane! To get to the destinations we want to visit, we travel by plane, train, bus, boat, car - or whatever convenient or economical means of transport we can find!  Keep reading to learn about our go-to travel transportation resources.


Travel Transportation Resources

Our go-to resources for traveling to countries around the world can all be booked online. Find out what we use to book transportation and why!


Finding Cheap Airfare

As budget-conscious travelers, we are always searching for the best deals on airplane tickets. These sites allow us to compare airline prices to find the lowest priced flight to our next destination.

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In addition to searching for flights from Point A to Point B on a specific day, Skyscanner also lets you search for flights to ‘everywhere,’ from any city, which is great for spontaneous weekend getaways or last-minute travel ideas. If your travel dates are not yet determined, you can also search an entire month on Skyscanner and it will reveal the lowest plane ticket price found for each day of the month.


Flight Hub

Flight Hub is a little more straight-forward and extremely easy to search for cheap airline tickets. As people are often curious which airline is least expensive, Flight Hub allows you to see the lowest price flight for each airline. There is also an option have a ‘Cheap Airfare Alert’ email sent direct to your inbox.


Riding the Rails

In the US, train travel is unfortunately rarely an affordable or expeditious way to travel. The same is not true for Europe, which is wonderfully connected by rail. In Europe, we use Eurail to find the best price on point-to-point train tickets.


The Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round

Traveling by bus is often the most inexpensive, sometimes-scenic and practical way to get from place to place. It’s actually our preferred way to travel between cities that are in close proximity (6-hours or less). In Europe, our recommended bus company is Flixbus. They have a robust network of routes – as well as free on-board Wi-Fi, seatback entertainment, coffee and toilets.


Renting A Car

We aren’t keen on driving abroad, however, renting a car can often save time and money, especially when traveling with more than two people. A car also allows for greater discovery of a region or country. Just remember to get an international driver’s license before your trip!

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For Packing Hacks and more honest advice, go to our Travel Planning Page. For country specific information, check out our Travel Guides Page. Travel well!


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