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Zurich Self-Guided Walking Tour

Our two-day detour to Zurich, Switzerland was more about meeting up with longtime friends than it was about visiting the city itself. However, we devised a Zurich self-guided walking tour that would take us through the pristine city, down the shopping lanes, to a few churches and viewpoints  – while still allowing enough time for lunch, chocolates and a couple beers. Come along with us to see the sights of the city on our Zurich Self-Guided Walking Tour (map below).

Zurich Self-Guided Walking Tour

#1 Bahnhofstrasse

We started our Zurich Self-Guided Walking Tour at the Paradeplatz tram station in the city center. Heading north on Bahnhofstrasse, we gawked at the expensive watches glittering in the window displays. The street is flooded with fashionable high-end retailers, boutiques and banks. read more

Detour! Meeting our friends in Zurich

Our itinerary through Europe had us spending most of our time in countries in the southeastern region: Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia. It is a part of Europe we’d looked forward to learning more about and we found it to be much more economical than Western Europe. However, when we got word that our friends were heading to Zurich for a US vs Switzerland friendly soccer match, we knew we had to make a detour to meet them.

Zurich is one of the least budget-friendly places to visit in all of Europe the planet, so we limited our stay to just two days. I cringed at the amount we had to spend on accommodations and literally gasped when I noted the high price of, well….everything. But the moment we walked into the bar and saw familiar faces, it was worth it. read more