The Best Things To Do in Corfu Old Town, Greece by

24 Best Things To Do in Corfu Old Town, Greece

Corfu Old Town on Corfu Island, Greece is a fabulous travel destination! Featuring ancient forts, twisting lanes, colorful architecture and delectable local fare, the UNESCO listed Old Town Corfu has something for everyone. To help fellow travelers plan their best Corfu trip, we are highlighting the top things to do in Corfu Old Town.… Read the rest

The Best Kamala Beach Restaurants Where to eat in Kamala Phuket Thailand by

10 Best Kamala Beach Restaurants on Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and a top destination for beach-lovers, party-goers and family-vacationers. We’ve spent a month (twice!) on Phuket at Kamala Beach – a crescent-shaped, family-friendly beach just north of (in)famous party-town, Patong.

We were in Kamala Beach house sitting – taking care of our friends’ dog and home while they were away – and our days were spent listening to the soothing sounds of the sea and basking in the sunshine (the two top things to do in Kamala Beach!).… Read the rest

3-Day Basque Country Itinerary by

3-Day Basque Country Itinerary: San Sebastian and Hondarribia, Spain

The Basque region of Spain is characterized by stunning landscapes, delectable cuisine and quaint villages. For many travelers to Spain, it would be easy to spend at least a month on a tour of the Basque Country, swooning over the gorgeous coastline and gorging on pintxos (Basque-style tapas) while wandering from town to town.… Read the rest

The Best Things To Do in Hydra, Greece by

Best Things To Do in Hydra, Greece 

Hydra, Greece is unlike any other Greek Island. Entirely free of personal vehicles, the pace moves a little slower, the air is a little fresher and the atmosphere is heavy with tradition. Hydra Island has a population of just 2,500 residents, which sounds somewhat sleepy, but travelers are actually spoiled for choice when it comes to things to do in Hydra, Greece.… Read the rest

The Best Things To Do in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina by

27 Best Things To Do in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina is a historic and fascinating destination that is both charming and complicated; idyllic and evocative. The first sight of the centerpiece Stari Most Mostar Bridge makes visitors swoon – but seeking out alternative corners of the city reveals intriguing stories and welcoming people.… Read the rest

San Sebastian Pintxos Bars A Basque Food Experience in Spain

San Sebastian Pintxos Bars: A Basque Food Experience

One of the things we were most looking forward to while visiting Basque Country Spain was eating amazing Basque food…and we were especially interested in bar pintxos. The culinary treasures are a Basque region specialty and we heard we could find the best of the best in San Sebastian pintxos bars. … Read the rest

Monte Urgull Hiking San Sebastian Spain by

Monte Urgull: Hiking San Sebastian to Castillo de la Mota

The San Sebastian Old Town sits steps away from the crescent-shaped La Concha Bay, with two hills rising at each end of the cove: Monte Urgull and Monte Igueldo.

While Monte Igueldo is popular for the San Sebastian Funicular that transports visitors to the amusement park at the top of the hill (both of which are top San Sebastian attractions), we were drawn to the green space and meandering paths on Monte Urgull (or Mount Urgull) that lead to Castillo de la Mota San Sebastian. … Read the rest

Pintxos Hondarribia An Adventure in Basque Cuisine by

Pintxos Hondarribia: An Adventure in Basque Cuisine

Usually, ordering food in a foreign country is not difficult for us…but, in Hondarribia, Spain, we were having some trouble. We had read about Pintxos Hondarribia – Basque-style tapas – and we were beyond excited about the concept.

We love to try new things, seek out local twists and need to snack while drinking – it was as if the idea of pintxos was created to satisfy just us.… Read the rest