2-Night Halong Bay Cruise in Vietnam

2-night Halong Bay Cruise: Why one night is not enough

My desire to visit Vietnam was ignited the first time I glimpsed a photograph of Halong Bay. It countered the image of Vietnam I had conjured in my head; the one where chaotic streets are overcrowded with motorbikes and stifled with pollution. The picture of Halong Bay showed a different scene entirely – one of tree-covered karst mountains rising from an azure sea. I was intent on traveling to Vietnam just to see Halong Bay with my own eyes. I didn’t know it then, but my expectations would be surpassed when we actually experienced the UNESCO World Heritage site on a 2-night Halong Bay cruise. read more

Using Airbnb in Rovinj, Croatia View out the wood-shutters

7 Tips For Using Airbnb

As full-time travelers for the past two years, Airbnb has been our go-to resource for finding homes abroad. We’ve booked 35 accommodations through Airbnb for a grand total of 325 nights. It’s fairly predictable that if we are not Housesitting with Trusted Housesitters, we are most likely sleeping in an apartment rented through Airbnb. While we don’t claim to be experts at using Airbnb, with our overwhelmingly positive experiences, we feel well-qualified to share a few tips for using Airbnb. read more

6 Things to do in Pavones, Costa Rica JetSettingFools.com

6 Things to Do in Pavones, Costa Rica

Our remote and off-the-beaten-path location of Zancudo, Costa Rica implies a sense of isolation.  The single, unnamed dirt road runs parallel to the six-mile stretch of Playa Zancudo and ends at the point. It is easy to feel secluded and cut off from the rest of the world, but, in reality, there are several day trip destinations. The weekday taxi boat can quickly get us to Golfito, the closest hub for necessities (like a pharmacy and bank) not available in Zancudo. With a private boat hire, we can cruise across the Golfo Dulce to the Osa Peninsula, which boasts a dense tropical forest full of monkeys and other wildlife. There is even a daily bus (albeit an early one that leaves at 5:30am) that can take us to Paso Canoas, a lively Costa Rica-Panama border town. And, if just a different beach is what we are after, there is Pavones, Costa Rica, just 10 miles south of Zancudo. read more